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academia sfacademy n
 de ginásticafitness center, fitness club, gym n
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academy n (professional institution) de artistas, cientistas ou literatosacademia sf
academy n (military school) militaracademia sf
academia n (academic environment) ambiente acadêmicoacademia sf
academe n (university environment) ambiente universitárioacademia sf
academy n (training college) estabelecimento de ensino superioruniversidade, academia sf
seminary n (private school) escola privadaacademia, faculdade sf
fitness centre, fitness center n (gym) ginásio academia desportiva loc sf
 A lot of people join fitness centres just after the Christmas holidays.
military academy n (training institution for armed forces)academia militar loc sf
 West Point is a highly-respected military academy.
naval academy n (training institution for the navy)academia naval loc sf
academy award n (Oscar: prize for film) Oscarprêmio da academia loc sm
 Oscar sm
 Leonardo di Caprio is best known for his role in the Academy Award-winning movie Titanic.
at the gym adv (using an exercise facility)na academia de ginástica loc adv
 I like to take kickboxing classes at the gym.
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