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acesso access
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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Traduções principais
access n (permission to enter)acesso sm
 Do you have access to the computer room?
 Você tem acesso à sala dos computadores?
outburst n (emotional) (emocional)acesso sm
  (emocional)explosão de raiva loc sf
 Tom's outburst was completely unexpected; one minute he was calm, the next he was shouting furiously.
spasm n (convulsion, jerk)espasmo, acesso sm
  convulsão sf
admittance n (entry, permission to enter)acesso sm
  entrada sf
 Admittance into the course is dependent on grades.
access n (entrance) (entrada)acesso sm
 The rear access to the bar was locked.
admission n (entry)entrada sf
  acesso sm
 The tickets will grant you admission for the entire day.
access n (ability to be approached) (aproximação)acesso sm
 Access to the President was controlled by his chief-of-staff.
access n (computers: permission) (computador)acesso sm
 Let me know if you don't have access to that file, and I'll reset the permissions.
Traduções complementares
fit n (acute attack)ataque, acesso sm
 He suffers from fits, periodically.
fit n (spell, onset)ataque, acesso sm
 She had a bad fit of coughing.
approach n (driveway, path)caminho, acesso sm
  entrada sf
 The approach to the house was lined with trees.
storm n (outburst)explosão, torrente sf
  (de raiva)acesso sm
 Her emotional state was obvious from the storm of shouts and cries of pain.
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Formas compostas:
access road n US (slip road on a motorway)via de acesso loc sf
 The access road to the highway is actually a very long on-ramp.
access road n UK (special, express route)rodovia de acesso loc sf
 A vehicle has broken down on the access road, causing long traffic delays.
admit [sb] vtr (allow entry)dar acesso expres v
  admitir vt
 The staff doesn't admit anyone after five o'clock.
 A equipe não dá acesso a ninguém depois das cinco.
 A equipe não admite ninguém depois das cinco.
admit to [sth] vi + prep UK, formal (door, gate: provide access to)permitir a entrada expres v
  dar acesso expres v
 The gate admits to the courtyard.
blow-up (UK),
blowup (US)
informal (angry outburst)acesso de fúria loc sm
building code n (combination: gives entry)código de acesso loc sm
deny [sb] access v (not allow [sb] to enter) (não deixar entrar)negar acesso a alguém loc vt
 I was denied access to the President's suite because I looked suspicious.
deny [sb] access v (not allow [sb] to see or obtain [sth](não deixar ver ou obter)negar acesso a alguém loc vt
 I was denied access to my bank records because I had forgotten my password.
direct access,
direct access to [sb]
(without intermediary)acesso direto loc sm
 She has direct access to the prime minister.
direct access,
direct access to [sth]
(without intervening places)acesso direto a loc sm + prep
 A gate at the end of the garden gives direct access to the beach.
disabled access n (entry for wheelchair users)acesso a cadeirantes loc sm
 My church has finally installed both an elevator and a ramp to provide disabled access.
driveway n (private vehicle path from house to road)entrada da garagem loc sf
  caminho de acesso à garagem loc sm
 Sarah parked her car in the driveway.
fits of laughter npl (bursts of laughing) (gargalhadas)acesso de riso loc sm
 During his last performance, he had the whole audience in fits of laughter.
flash of [sth] n figurative (sudden sensation)acesso de sm + prep
 Dan felt a flash of anger when somebody pushed in front of him in the queue.
hacking n (computing: illegal access) (informática)acesso ilegal loc sm
  (estrang.)hacking sm
 Hacking probably isn't something you should write on your resume.
hotspot n (venue offering wifi access)ponto de acesso wi-fi loc sm
 All of the coffee shops in this cities are hotspots.
lock [sb] out vtr + adv (computing: prevent access) (computação)impedir o acesso loc vt
 If you type in the wrong password three times, the website will lock you out.
lock [sb] out of [sth] v expr (computing: prevent access) (computação)impedir o acesso loc vt
 The system will lock you out of the site if you answer the security questions incorrectly.
means of access npl (way in or out)meios de acesso loc sm pl
 The only means of access to the farm is the dirt track.
privileged password n (computer login giving administrator access) (login de computador dando acesso administrativo)senha de administrador sf
  senha com acesso privilegiado sf
random access memory n (computing: storage space) (computação: espaço de armazenamento)memória de acesso aleatório sf
  memória RAM sf
  (sigla)RAM sf
 My first computer only had 16 kilobytes, but nowadays personal computers have 1 gigabyte or more of random access memory.
right of entry n (legal freedom to enter a property)direito de acesso sm + loc adj
  direito de entrada sm + loc adj
 As I'm the owner, I have the right of entry on the property.
road access n (entry to a traffic route)acesso à rodovia sm + loc adv
  acesso à estrada sm + loc adv
 Road access to the airport is closed due to flooding.
way in n figurative (means of access) (meios de acesso)entrada sf
  porta sf
  chave de acesso sf
 Sleeping with the boss is not the way in to high society.
wheelchair access n (facilities permitting entry by wheelchairs) (facilidades que permitem entrada com cadeiras de roda)acesso para deficientes sm
  acesso com cadeira de rodas sm
wheelchair facilities npl (features enabling access by wheelchairs) (adaptações permitindo o acesso por cadeira de rodas)acesso para deficientes sm
  acesso com cadeira de rodas sm
wireless access n (computing: connection without cables) (informática: conexão sem cabos)acesso sem fio
 Does the hotel have wireless access?
  Está faltando alguma coisa importante ? Notifique-nos a respeito de erros ou sugestões para que possamos aprimorar o nosso sistema.

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