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acreditar vtbelieve vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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think that
(believe)achar, pensar vt
  acreditar vt
 I think that war is morally wrong.
believe vtr (favour)acreditar vt
 I believe in him and will make him my deputy.
believe vtr (have confidence that)  (ter fé)acreditar vt
 I believe he will return as promised.
believe vi (have confidence in)acreditar vt
 I believe in the new prime minister.
trust vtr (hope)acreditar vt
 I trust that you had a good time.
understand vtr (believe)acreditar vt
 I understand them to be very nice people.
accept vtr (believe)  (acreditar)aceitar vt
  acreditar vt
 I can't accept your excuse. It doesn't make sense.
credit vtr (believe or believe in)  (crer)acreditar vt
  dar crédito loc vt
 I don't credit anything that politician says.
put faith in botar fé em
believe vtr (have faith)acreditar, crer vt
 I believe God exists.
 Acredito (or: Creio) que Deus existe.
believe vtr (trust)acreditar, confiar vt
 He said he saw it and I believe him.
 Ele disse ter visto e eu acredito (or: confio) nele.
believe vtr (think, suppose)acreditar, supor vt
Note: achar também
 I believe that it won't rain tomorrow, but I'm not sure.
 Acredito (or: Suponho) que não choverá amanhã, mas não estou seguro.
hold vtr (believe, consider)considerar, acreditar vt
 He holds that those actions should be illegal.
trust vi (hope)acreditar, confiar vt
 Many people trust in destiny.
believe in vtr (trust)acreditar em vt
 Even though she's ten, she still believes in fairies.
cry wolf v figurative (tell lies, mislead others)  (contar mentiras, enganar)dar falso alarme, levar a acreditar loc vt
 If you cry wolf too often, people will stop paying you any attention.
make no mistake interj (believe me, let me assure you)pode acreditar! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Make no mistake, their relationship won't last - he's too young for her!
believe anything acreditar em qualquer coisa
buy into acreditar completamente em algo
   (informal)cair em algo
hard to believe difícil de acreditar
inclined to believe ter tendências a acreditar
lead [sb] to believe levar alguém a acreditar
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