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adulto adult
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adult adj (mature, grown) maduroadulto adj
 Our cat has finally reached its adult weight.
 Nosso gato finalmente atingiu seu peso de adulto.
adult adj (fully grown: animal, insect, etc.) crescido: animal, inseto, etc.adulto adj
 An immature deer has much smaller antlers than an adult deer.
 Um veado jovem tem chifres menores do que um veado adulto.
adult adj (of legal age)adulto adj
 Children who want to swim in this pool must have adult supervision.
adult adj (intended for mature persons)adulto adj
 This movie has adult themes.
adult n (a fully-grown person) uma pessoa totalmente crescidaadulto sm
 Teenagers are anxious to be adults.
 Os adolescentes são ansiosos para serem adultos.
grownup adj informal (suitable for adults) adequado para adultosadulto adj
consenting adult n (adult agreeing to sexual intercourse)consentimento de adulto loc sm
 If a woman is under age 18, she can not legally be considered a consenting adult.
fully developed, fully-developed adj (person: mature, grown) pessoa: maduro, adulto, crescido adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before a noun
 It takes many years for a boy to become fully-developed.
grow up vi figurative (assume adult responsibility) figurativocomportar-se como adulto loc vp
 I wish my brother would grow up and get a place of his own.
grow up interj (stop acting childishly)cresce!, cresça e apareça! interj
 comporte-se como um adulto! loc interj
 Grow up and start acting your age!
grown up, grown-up adj (adult, mature)de adulto loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is a noun
 The little girl thought it was very grown-up to wear lipstick.
adult learner n (student who is over 18)estudante adulto loc sm
 Our local community college is offering night classes for adult learners who work during the day.
adult education ensino adulto
grown man homem adulto
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