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agradável pleasant, delightful
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fine adj (weather) tempoagradável adj
 Today will be a fine day. Not a cloud in the sky!
soft adj (weather: mild, not harsh) temperaturaagradável adj
 The soft climate in California attracts many people.
pleasing adj (agreeable, satisfying)agradável adj
likeable adj (person: pleasant) pessoaagradável adj
readable adj (enjoyable to read) de boa leituraagradável adj
pleasurable adj (enjoyable, pleasant)agradável adj
pleasant adj (person)agradável adj
nice adj (pleasant)bom, agradável adj
 The weather is nice today.
 O tempo está bom (or: agradável) hoje.
sweet adj (agreeable)agradável, doce adj
 He awoke to the sweet sound of rain on the rooftop.
sweet adj (pleasing to the ear)agradável, doce adj
 The band played a sweet melody.
soft adj (sound: soothing, not loud) somagradável, baixo adj
 relaxante adj
 The restaurant had soft music playing in the background.
lovely adj (pleasant)agradável, aprazível adj
 informalgostoso adj
 We had such a lovely time at your house last night.
 Passamos horas agradáveis (or: amenas) em sua casa ontem à noite.
 * Foi gostoso ver o filme em sua companhia.
amiable adj (pleasant, likeable)agradável, amável adj
gracious adj (courteous)polido, agradável, cortês adj
likable adj (easy to like)agradável, amável, simpático adj
suave adj (smooth, charming)suave, brando, agradável adj
 amável, delicado adj
satisfying adj (pleasing)gratificante, agradável adj
homey n informal (homely, cozy)acolhedor, agradável sm
cushy adj informal (easy, comfortable)confortável, agradável adj
 mole adj
ingratiating adj (servile, obsequious)agradável, insinuante adj
aesthetically pleasing, esthetically pleasing adj (attractive)esteticamente agradável loc adj
 Plastic surgery in China is booming as many Asians think "European/Western" shaped eyes are more aesthetically pleasing.
aesthetically pleasing, esthetically pleasing adj (pleasing with its beauty)esteticamente agradável loc adj
 I like that garden, I find the contrast between the curves and the straight lines very aesthetically pleasing.
brighten up vtr (make cheerfully attractive) tornar atrativotornar agradável loc vt
 A little blush and some highlights in your hair, dear, will do wonders to brighten you up.
fine-looking, fine looking adj (having a splendid appearance) bonito, lindode aspecto agradável loc adj
Note: hyphen omitted when term is after the noun
 That champion purebred Collie is a fine-looking dog.
agreeable adj (willing to say yes)agradável, concorde adj
amenable adj (agreeable, willing)ameno, agradável adj
 suscetível de sofrer certas açõespassível adj
enjoyable adj (gives pleasure)agradável, divertido adj
exquisite adj (food)fino, agradável, requintado adj
pleasant adj (enjoyable)agradável, aprazível adj
lovely time tempo agradável
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