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ajudar vthelp vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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help vtr (give assistance)ajudar vt
 He helped me start my car.
 Ele me ajudou a ligar o carro.
help vtr (save, rescue)  (salvar)ajudar vt
 Help us from starvation.
help vtr (facilitate)  (facilitar)ajudar vt
 Fibre helps digestion.
help vtr (be useful to)ajudar vt
 A little bit of salt would help his cooking.
 You could help me by holding up the other end of the table.
help vtr (relieve)  (aliviar)ajudar vt
 This syrup might help your sore throat.
help vi (give aid)ajudar v int
 We ask all those who can to help.
 Nós pedimos a todos aqueles que podem que ajudem.
serve vi (attend a mass)  (na missa)ajudar vt
 The altar boy has to serve on Sunday.
aid vt (help)ajudar vt
assist vi (aid)ajudar v int
hand vtr (guide, help)guiar, ajudar vt
 He handed her into her seat.
spring vtr informal (get released from prison)libertar, escapar vt
  ajudar a fugir loc vt
 The criminal's friends have sprung him from prison.
come to the rescue v (offer help in an emergency)  (oferecer ajuda numa emergência)vir resgatar, vir ajudar
 The police will come to the rescue after a crime.
help along vtr (give assistance to)ajudar, assistir vt
help decide vtr (assist in deciding)ajudar a decidir loc vt
 To help you decide between the options, list the pros and cons of each.
help one another vi (assist each other)ajudar-se, apoiar-se, auxiliar-se vp
 The students formed study groups, to help one another prepare for the exams.
help out vi (give assistance)  (ajudar, assistir)ajudar um ao outro loc v int
 He said he'd help out with moving the furniture, but in the end he never turned up.
help out vtr (give assistance to)  (dar assistência a)ajudar a, assistir vt
 I'd like to help you out, but I'm short of money myself at the moment.
help to vtr (assist in doing [sth])  (ajudar a fazer algo)ajudar, assistir a vt
help to escape vtr (assist in fleeing or evading)ajudar a fugir loc vt
help up vtr (assist [sb] in standing up)ajudar a levantar loc vt
 I was so weak that the nurse had to help me up off the bed.
help up vtr (assist [sb] in climbing [sth])ajudar a subir loc vt
 I had to help my wife up the last few steps of the tower, but the climb was worth the view from the top.
minister to vtr (attend or tend to)cuidar de, ajudar a vt
 The downtown shelter ministers to the needs of homeless people.
back up vtr phrasal sep (support: [sb])apoiar, ajudar, auxiliar vt
 Go ahead and tell the boss just what happened; I'll back you up on it.
Can I help you? expr (used by shop assistant to customer)  (usado por um vendedor ou atendente)como posso ajudar? expres
  posso ajudar? expres
  em que posso servir?
 Can I help you? asked the sales clerk.
deliver a baby v (assist a woman to give birth)ajudar no parto loc vt
give aid to ajudar a
see through   (literal: ver através)compreender, perceber
  ajudar em um momento difícil
  levar a cabo, terminar
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