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give aid to ajudar a
spring vtr informal (get released from prison)libertar, escapar vt
  ajudar a fugir loc vt
 The criminal's friends have sprung him from prison.
help decide vtr (assist in deciding)ajudar a decidir loc vt
 To help you decide between the options, list the pros and cons of each.
help out vtr (give assistance to)  (dar assistência a)ajudar a, assistir vt
 I'd like to help you out, but I'm short of money myself at the moment.
help to escape vtr (assist in fleeing or evading)ajudar a fugir loc vt
help up vtr (assist [sb] in standing up)ajudar a levantar loc vt
 I was so weak that the nurse had to help me up off the bed.
help up vtr (assist [sb] in climbing [sth])ajudar a subir loc vt
 I had to help my wife up the last few steps of the tower, but the climb was worth the view from the top.
minister to vtr (attend or tend to)cuidar de, ajudar a vt
 The downtown shelter ministers to the needs of homeless people.
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