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alcance reach
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range n (reach)alcance sm
 I think our mobile phones are out of range of the nearest radio tower.
 Acho que os nossos celulares estão fora do alcance da torre de rádio mais próxima.
range n (of a weapon)  (arma)alcance sf
 This artillery piece has a range of six miles.
range n (voice)  (voz)registro sm
  alcance sm
 The opera singer's voice had a range of three octaves.
reach n (comprehension)compreensão sf
  alcance sm
 That idea is beyond the reach of most students.
reach n (extent, range)extensão sf
  alcance sm
 The reach of the storm extended all the way to California.
reach n (arm)  (do braço )alcance sm
 The glasses on the top shelf are beyond her reach.
 Os copos no topo do armário estão além do alcance dela.
outreach n (extent of reach)alcance sm
radius n (area, range)  (área)rádio, raio sm
  alcance sm
purview n (law: scope, limit)  (corpo de lei)alcance, limite sm
  extensão sf
earshot n (hearing range)alcance da voz loc sm
broad reach n (great scope)  (grande abrangência)longo alcance loc sm
broad reach n (wide-ranging effect or influence)longo alcance loc sm
 They successfully used the internet to give them a broad reach to a whole new class of voters.
easily reached adj (object: close to hand)  (objeto: perto)ao alcance loc adj
far reaching
(having an extensive influence)  (influência )extenso adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  de longo alcance loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before a noun
 The reaction to the arrest was far-reaching and will affect people across the country.
full scope n (extent, reach of [sth])alcance, âmbito sm
 The full scope of the crimes they committed in office is finally being revealed.
arm's length n (distance just beyond reach)fora do alcance loc sf
 He seems dangerous: we'll have to keep him at arm's length.
focus range n (distance over which a lens can focus)alcance do foco loc sm
beyond reach fora de alcance
long range de longo alcance
long-range plan plano de longo alcance
long-range planning plano de longo alcance
within earshot no alcance da audição
within your grasp dentro do seu alcance
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