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algodão cotton
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cotton wool n (soft absorbent fibre)algodão sm
cotton n (material)algodão sm
chino n (cotton fabric)  (tecido de sarja)algodão chino loc sm
cottonseed n (seed of the cotton plant)caroço de algodão loc sm
cottontail n (type of rabbit)coelho-de-cauda-de-algodão sm
lisle n (type of thread or fabric)  (tipo de fio forte)fio fino de algodão loc sm
absorbent cotton n (cotton bandage, gauze, cotton balls)algodão absorvente loc sf
 The cloth used for bandages and gauze is made of absorbent cotton.
cotton candy n US (confectionery: candy floss)algodão doce loc sm
 The cotton candy they sell at the circus is one of our favorite treats.
cotton ball n (ball of cotton wool)chumaço de algodão loc sm
  bolinha de algodão loc sf
 I use a cotton ball to apply nail polish remover.
cotton field n (plantation where cotton is grown)plantação de algodão loc sf
  algodoal sm
cotton gin n (machine for separating cotton fibres)descaroçador de algodão loc sm
 The invention of the cotton gin was important in the Industrial Revolution.
cotton picker n (worker in a cotton field)colhedor de algodão loc sm
 The cotton picker worked to fill her bag as quickly as possible.
cotton picker n (machine that picks cotton)  (máquina)colheitadeira de algodão loc sf
   (máquina)colhedeira de algodão loc sf
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