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alma sfsoul nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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heart n (person)alma sf
 She was a noble heart.
soul n (immortal part of a person)alma sf
 When you die, your soul goes to heaven.
 Quando você morre, sua alma vai para o céu.
soul n (emotional side of a person)alma sf
 I love you with all my heart and soul.
soul n (emotional energy)alma sf
 She puts a lot of soul into her art.
soul n (person)  (pessoa)alma sf
 He was a lost soul and didn't know what to do with himself in life.
soul n (epitome, heart)  (coração)alma sf
 While Madrid is the capital, they say Toledo is the soul of Spain.
spirit n (ghost)  (fantasma)espírito sm
  alma sf
 They say that the house is haunted by the dead girl's spirit.
soulmate n (companion, friend, twin)alma gêmea loc sf
bleed for vtr figurative (feel great compassion towards)doer a alma
 My heart bleeds for you.
kindred spirit n (likeminded person)  (pessoa igual em caráter )alma gêmea loc sf
 John found a kindred spirit in Rebecca, who loved horses as much as he did.
living soul n (person)  (pessoa)alma viva loc sf
 If I tell you this secret, you must swear not to tell a living soul!
not a single person pron (nobody, not anyone)  (ninguém)nem uma alma
 Not a single person was in favour of the price increases.
heart and soul alma e coração
lost soul alma perdida
not a soul nem uma alma
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