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amigo smfriend nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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friend n (closely regarded person)amigo sm
 She has lots of friends.
 Ela tem muitos amigos.
friend n (patron)  (patrono)amigo sm
 Donate money and become a Friend of the Arts.
friend n ([sb] not hostile)amigo sm
 Friend or foe?
friend n ([sb] of same group)amigo sm
 You shouldn't criticize our nation's friends in times of crisis.
(Quaker)  (quacre)amigo sm
 Some Friends dislike being called Quakers.
matey n UK, slang, ironic (term of address to a man)amigo sm
  camarada sm
amigo n (friend)amigo sm
friend n (online connection)  (virtual)amigo sm
 We're friends on Facebook
dog n US informal (friend)parceiro, amigo sm
   (gíria)véio sm
 So how're you doing, you old dog!
friendly adj (like friends)amigo, amigável adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 Although I hardly know her, we are friendly.
homeboy n slang (male friend)  (gíria)amigo, chapa, parceiro sm
   (gíria, brasil.)amizade sm
a word to the wise n colloquial (used before a warning: pay careful attention to what follows)um conselho de amigo exprs
 A word to the wise: do not visit this neighborhood alone after dark.
as a friend adv (preface to giving difficult news or advice)como amigo loc adv
 You know I say this as a friend, but I don't think that you should date him.
bosom buddy n slang (best friend)amigo do peito loc sm
 The girls were bosom buddies until they both got a crush on the same boy.
broad shouldered
figurative (able to help with other people's burdens)de ombro amigo loc adj
buddy-buddy adj (on very friendly terms)  (muito amigos)de amiguinho, de amigo do peito
 The only time that you pull this buddy-buddy routine is when you need to borrow money.
good friend n ([sb] close, trusted)bom amigo, melhor amigo loc sm
 My good friend will always tell me the truth, and always in a kind way.
great friend n ([sb] loved and trusted)grande amigo loc sm
 He was a great friend of mine and I will sorely miss him.
intimate acquaintance n (close friend)amigo íntimo, amigo chegado
 She is my intimate acquaintance.
intimate friend n ([sb] close, confidant)amigo íntimo loc sm
 He's the kind of intimate friend to whom I could tell all my secrets.
A friend in need is a friend indeed expr (a true friend is supportive and helpful)amigo para todas as horas expres
 When I was sick you certainly proved the old saying, "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
family friend n (intimate acquaintance of one's family)amigo da família loc sm
best friend nmelhor amigo loc sm
mate n (friend)amigo, colega sm
close friend amigo próximo
devoted friend amigo fiel
friend in need amigo necessitado
friend of mine um amigo meu
pen pal amigo de correspondência
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