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amor smlove nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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love n (feeling of affection)amor sm
 Love is perhaps the most important human emotion.
love n (person)amor sm
 You could see her love for him in her eyes.
 Tu podias ver nos olhos dela o seu amor por ele.
love n (passion)  (paixão)amor sm
 His love made her feel so good.
love n (sexual gratification)  (prazer sexual)amor sm
 He was in a good mood. His wife probably gave him some love the night before.
love n (love affair)amor sm
 Yes, she was my first love.
love n (group: affection)  (grupo: afeição)amor sm
 Her love for babies led her to volunteer at the hospital.
 O seu amor a bebês, levaram-na a ser voluntária no hospital.
love n (strong liking for sthg)amor sm
 His love for basketball was apparent to everybody.
 O seu amor por basquetebol era aparente a qualquer um.
love n (sthg loved)amor sm
 Ballet was her first love.
 O balé foi o seu primeiro amor.
sweet n (address: sweetheart)  (tratamento afetivo)amor sm
 I miss you, my sweet.
sake n (purpose)  (propósito)fim, motivo sm
   (por amor a)amor sm
 For the sake of fairness, let's all take turns.
 Com o fim (or: motivo) de ser justo, vamos todos ter a nossa vez.
poppet n UK (affectionate term for a child)  (INGL: termo afetivo para uma criança)amor sm
   (só para meninas)boneca sf
luv n UK, slang (love: term of affection)  (INGL, gíria)amor sm
love n (beloved person)querido, amor sm
 Love, can you give me the remote control?
sugar n informal (honey, sweetie)  (informal: forma de tratamento)amor, bem sm
  benzinho sm dim
 Hey, sugar, how's it going?
sweetheart n (adorable person)  (pessoa adorável)querido, amor sm
 What a sweetheart you are!
lovesick adj (person: infatuated)  (pessoa)perdido de amor loc adj
lovesick adj (speech, act: longing)  (fala, ato)perdido de amor loc adj
loveless adj (without love)sem amor loc adj
pansy n (flowering plant: viola)  (flor)amor-perfeito sm
lovebird n literal (variety of small bird)  (literal)pássaro-do-amor, periquito-namorado sm
lovey n informal (affectionate term)  (informal)querido, amor sm
act of love n (action motivated by love)ato de amor loc sm
brotherly love n (kindness towards others)amor fraternal loc sm
 Brotherly love is the love you have for your neighbor or your fellow man.
for God's sake! interj possibly offensive (expressing anger or frustration)  (expressando raiva ou frustração)pelo amor de Deus! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 For God's sake, leave me alone when I'm trying to read!
for goodness sake
for goodness' sake
(expressing frustration)  (expressão de exasperação, frustração)pelo amor de Deus interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Stop being mean to your sister, for goodness sake.
 For goodness' sake, don't do that!
for heaven's sake interj (expressing frustration)  (expressão de exasperação, frustração)pelo amor do céu interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 For heaven's sake, why do you keep doing that?
for love adv (motivated by love)  (motivado por amor)por amor loc adv
 When I marry, I'll marry for love and nothing else.
for the love of prep (out of love for)por amor a loc adj
 I like gardening just for the love of seeing things grow.
forbidden love n (sexual relationship considered taboo)  (relacionamento sexual proibido)amor proibido loc sm
 My sister's child was a result of our forbidden love.
forbidden love n (romantic relationship considered taboo)  (relacionamento romântico proibido)amor proibido loc sm
 Romeo and Juliet is a sad tale of forbidden love.
free love n dated (extra-marital or promiscuous sex)  (antiquado, fora de uso: sexo extraconjugal)amor livre loc sm
goddess of love n (mythology: Aphrodite, Venus)  (mito: Afrodite, Vênus, etc)deusa do amor loc sf
goose grass n (shrub: silverweed)  (gênero botânico )bardana, erva-dos-tinhosos, erva-dos-pegamassos sf
  amor-de-hortelão, carrapicho grande, pega-pega, carrapichão sm
for the love of God interj. (expression of frustration)pelo amor de Deus! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 John, for the love of God, just sit quietly for a minute and let me think!
love affair n (romantic relationship)  (relacionamento romântico )caso de amor loc sm
 She's having a love affair with a married man.
 Her love affair with all things Japanese started two years ago after holidaying there.
love letter n literal (letter expressing romantic feelings)  (literal)carta de amor loc sf
 He wrote her a love letter every day while he was away.
love letter n figurative (expression of affection)  (fig, expressão de amor)carta de amor loc sf
love song n (song expressing romantic feelings)música romântica loc sf
  canção de amor loc sm
 Most pop songs are love songs.
love story n (story about a romantic relationship)história de amor loc sf
make love not war interj (pacifist slogan of the 1960s)  (lema dos hippies nos anos 60)faça amor não faça guerra! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 'Make love not war' was the best-known slogan of the hippy movement.
maternal love n (motherly affection)amor materno loc sm
mother love n (affection felt by a mother for her child)amor de mãe loc sm
my love n informal (affectionate term)  (informal)meu amor loc sm
 Are you coming my love.
candy apple
UK: toffee apple
US (apple covered in syrup)  (maçã coberta de calda)maçã do amor loc sf
 She loves getting candy apples at Halloween.
find true love v (meet one's perfect partner)encontrar amor verdadeiro loc vt
 The romantic teenager hopes to find true love.
sweetie n (dear person)  (pessoa querida)querido, amor sm
for the sake of pelo amor de
love of God amor de Deus
make love fazer amor
puppy love primeiro amor
  amor de adolescente
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