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andar v intwalk viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
   (de bicicleta, carro)ride vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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go vi (be in a state habitually)andar v int
 He goes around looking filthy.
run vi informal (keep company with)  (ter como companhia)andar vt
  relacionar-se vp
 He runs around with the wrong kind of people.
run vi US (be friends with)  (ter amizade com)andar vt
  relacionar-se vp
 US: He has been known to run with a bad crowd.
see vtr (keep company with)  (manter contato constante)andar vt
  encontrar-se vp
 You've been seeing a lot of those boys lately, haven't you?
ride vtr (travel by: bicycle, motorbike)  (de bicicleta)andar vt
   (bicicleta)pedalar vt
   (de bicicleta)ir vt
 He rides his bike to school every day.
  Ele anda de bicicleta todos os dias.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
  Ele pedala a bicicleta todos os dias.Esta frase não é uma tradução do inglês.
 Ele vai de bicicleta para a escola todos os dias.
story n US for storey (building floor)  (andar de edifício)andar sm
 We live on the second story.
 Moramos no segundo andar.
walk vi (appear alive)  (aparecer)andar v int
 Ghosts walk by night.
walk vi (move by vibration)andar v int
 The vibrating washing machine walked forward.
walk vi (conduct oneself)  (conduzir-se)andar vint
 The prophet taught us to walk in peace.
walk vi (baseball: go to first base on balls)  (beisebol)andar vint
 The second batter walked on four pitches.
step n (gait, way of walking)andar sm
 You could see the bounce in his step the day after his date.
flight n (floor)andar sm
 How many flights tall is that building?
foot vi (walk)  (a pé)andar v int
 The car has broken down, so we'll have to foot.
storey n UK (floor, level of building)  (INGL, num prédio)andar sm
get about vi informal (walk, move on own power)andar v int
  mover-se vp
 Though 98 years old, my grandfather still gets about like he was half that age.
get with it vi slang (hurry up)  (apressar-se)andar v int
move along
informal (start going, leave)  (informal: pôr-se em movimento)andar, circular v int
   (gíria: ir-se)mandar-se, mexer-se vp
 The officer told the boys to move along.
walk vi (travel on foot)andar, caminhar v int
 Would you like to ride or walk?
 Você gostaria de dirigir ou andar (or: caminhar)?
walk vtr (dog: cause to walk)  (cachorro: fazer andar)levar para andar loc vt
 Jay needs to walk his dog.
 Jay precisa de levar o cachorro para andar.
file vi (walk in line)andar em fila loc v int
 The students obediently filed into the classroom one by one.
floor n UK (building: storey, level)andar, piso sm
 I live on the first floor. Just one floor up from the street.
 Moro no primeiro andar (or: piso). Apenas um nível acima da rua.
floor n US (building: starts at 1)andar, piso sm
 I live on the second floor. Just one floor up from the street.
 Moro no segundo andar (or: piso). Apenas um nível acima do rua.
horse vi dated (ride a horse)  (montar a cavalo)andar a cavalo loc vt
 Yes, the Lady Emma loves to horse across the fields.
level n (floor or storey of building)  (arquitetura)piso, andar sm
 She lived on the third level.
mix vi (spend time with)  (reunir-se com)passar tempo com loc vt
  andar junto loc vt
 I really like Robert, but we don't mix.
pace vtr (walk quickly)andar a passos largos loc vt
 She paced the floor.
arc vi (move in an arc)andar em círculos loc v int
motorbike vtr informal (ride a motorcycle)andar de motocicleta loc vt
motorcycle vi (ride a motorcycle)andar de motocicleta loc v int
sled vi (travel on a sled)andar de trenó v int
skateboard vi (ride a skateboard)andar de skate loc v int
sledge vi (ride on a sled)andar de trenó loc v int
tiptoe vi (move stealthily, quietly)andar na ponta do pé loc v int
tiptoe vi figurative (speak tactfully)  (fig., falar com tato)andar na ponta do pé loc v int
amble vi (stroll)  (passear)esquipar v int
  andar a passo lento loc v int
bobsled vi (ride a bobsled)andar de trenó loc v int
canter vi (horse: gallop gently)  (cavalo)andar a meio galope v int
plod vi (trudge, step slowly)andar vagarosamente, caminhar vagarosamente loc v int
  arrastar-se vp
freewheel vi literal (cycle without pedalling)  (de bicicleta sem pedalar)andar em roda livre loc v int
lope vi (move with long strides)andar a passos largos v int
  trotar, galopar v int
sidle vi (walk sideways)andar de lado loc v int
first floor,
US (ground-level storey of a building)andar térreo loc sm
Note: hyphen used when term is adj before a noun
 It's a one-storey ranch house so everything's on the first floor.
first floor,
UK (next storey above ground level)primeiro andar loc sm
 For health reasons he always takes the stairs to the first floor rather than the lift.
first floor
US (situated at ground level of a building)no andar térreo loc adj
Note: hyphen omitted when term is a noun
 Our first-floor clinic is wheel-chair accessible.
first floor
UK (situated on the next storey above ground level)no primeiro andar loc adj
go fast vi literal (move quickly)andar rápido loc v int
 I like to go fast in my car.
ground level,
(floor nearest the level of the ground)  (andar no nível do solo)andar térreo loc sm
 Kitchenware is located at ground level in this store.
hold hands vi (clasp one another's hand)andar, ficar de mãos dadas loc v int
 My sister and her boyfriend always hold hands when watching a movie.
hoof it vi slang (walk, go on foot)  (caminhar)andar a pé loc v int
 Our car ran out of petrol so we had to hoof it to the petrol station.
horse riding n (activity: riding on a horse)  (atividade)andar a cavalo
  hipismo sm
 I love to go horse-riding but it makes my muscles ache afterwards.
horse riding US (horseback riding )andar a cavalo
horseback riding n (activity: riding on a horse)  (atividade)andar a cavalo
 One of my favorite summer activities was to go horseback riding.
keep time vi (clock: tell the time accurately)  (relógio)marcar a hora certa loc v int
  andar certo loc v int
 My clock's so old that it doesn't keep time any more.
downstairs adj (building)  (prédio)no andar de baixo loc adj
flock vi (go as a group)afluir, acorrer v int
  andar em bando loc v int
pad vtr (add extra)  (adicionar extra)acolchoar vt
   (andar)andar de leve v int
palm vtr (ball, basketball)  (bola,basquete)andar com a bola loc vt
  espalmar v int
parallel vtr (line, road)  (faixa,estrada)andar em paralelo loc vt
raft vi (sport, activity)andar em balsa loc v int
stride vi (long steps)andar com passos largos loc v int
strut n (proud walk)pavoneio sm
  andar pomposo loc sm
toddler n (1-2 year old child)criança que começa a andar loc sf
upstairs ns (upper floor)andar superior loc sm
upstairs ns (upper management)andar superior loc sm
go hand in hand andar de mãos dadas
  fazer algo através de um esforço comum
muck about andar sem destino
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