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stock n (livestock)rebanho, gado sm
  animais sm pl
 All of our stock are purebred animals.
menagerie n (collection of animals)coleção de animais loc sf
vermin n literal (animal considered a pest)animais daninhos loc smpl
rustling n (smuggling of animals)contrabando de animais loc sm
animal disease n (illness occurring in animals)doença dos animais loc sf
 Tuberculosis is an animal disease that is often found in cows.
animal sound n (animal's call or cry)som feito por animais loc sm
big game hunter
big-game hunter
([sb] who hunts large wild animals)caçador de animais grandes loc sm
 President Theodore Roosevelt was a conservationist, but also a big game hunter.
animal rights npl (freedom of animals from cruelty)direitos dos animais loc sm pl
 John's a strong believer in animal rights.
animal shelter n (home for unwanted pets)abrigo para animais loc sm
 Stray dogs are sent to the animal shelter.
cruelty to animals n (abusive treatment of non-human creatures)maltrato de animais loc sm
 The dog's owner was arrested for cruelty to animals for entering the dog into a dog fight.
wildlife n (animals, etc.)animais selvagens loc sm pl
big game caça a animais de pêlo grosso
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