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antes adv, prepbefore adv, prep
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before adv (in the past)antes adv
 Have you been here before?
 Já estiveste aqui antes?
before prep (preceding in rank)antes prep
 Aces come before kings in this game.
before conj (rather than)antes adv
 I would die before I would criticize her.
soon adv (first, in comparative) primeiro em comparaçãoantes adv
 Which would you sooner do? Clean the toilet or wash the dishes?
once adj (former) que já foiantigamente, anteriormente adv
 The once happily married man got a divorce.
prior, prior to adj (before) em tempo anteriorantes adv
 He stopped at the store prior to going home.
 Ele parou na loja antes de ir para a casa.
earlier adv (sooner, more rapidly)antes adv
 mais cedo loc adv
sooner adv (earlier)antes adv
 mais cedo loc adv
sooner adv (more willingly, rather)antes adv
 de preferência loc adv
ere prep archaic, literary (before) arcaico, literárioantes adv
 arcaicoantes que, antes de loc conj
before prep (earlier than)antes de loc prep
 You should finish your homework before dinner.
 Tu deverias acabar o dever antes do jantar.
before prep (preceding in order)antes de loc prep
 The letter 'b' comes before the letter 'c'.
 A letra "b" vem antes da letra "c".
before prep (without considering) sem considerarantes de loc prep
 Their earnings before tax have doubled this year.
before conj (previously)antes de loc conj
 He could drive a car before he learned how to ride a bike.
 Ele sabia dirigir um carro antes de aprender a andar de bicicleta.
before conj (sooner than)antes de loc conj
 Come and say goodbye before you go.
 Venha e diga tchau antes de ir.
long adv (far in the past)muito antes loc adv
 There were problems here long before he arrived.
backfire vi (engine: explode)explodir antes do tempo loc v int
earlier adv (previously)previamente, anteriormente, antes adv
 antes disso loc adv
earlier adv (at a previous time)antes, previamente adv
nightcap n (alcoholic drink before bedtime)bebida antes de ir dormir loc sf
before noon adv (in advance of midday)antes do meio-dia loc adv
 I'll take my walk before noon so I'll be home in time for lunch.
 I hope you can arrive before noon.
before the Fall adv (of overconfident person: about to fail)antes da queda loc adv
before the Flood adv figurative (very long ago)antes do dilúvio loc adv
before your time adv (before your birth or involvement with [sth])antes de seu tempo loc adv
 I remember the day President Kennedy was shot -- but that's before your time.
first and foremost adv (primarily)em primeiro lugar loc adv
 antes de tudo loc adv
 First and foremost, let's review the minutes from last week's meeting.
look before you leap interj proverb (be aware of the risks involved in [sth]) ditadopense bem antes de agir! interj
 You need to look before you leap before investing in a new business.
never so adv (not ever as)nunca tão, nunca antes loc adv
 He was never so happy as when he finally quit his job.
as soon as possible adv (as early as is feasible)o quanto antes loc adv
 tão logo que for possível
 It's imperative that I speak with you as soon as possible.
 Please reply as soon as possible.
ever before adv (at any point previously)nunca antes loc adv
 Women are choosing to stay single more than ever before.
dead on arrival, DOA adj (dead before reaching hospital)falecido antes de chegar ao hospital loc adj
 He was rushed to the hospital but was dead on arrival.
before its time antes do tempo
calm before the storm a calma antes da tempestade
come before em importânciavir antes
 tribunalcomparecer ante
first of all antes de tudo
 antes de mais nada
go before ir adiante
 ir antes
jump the gun sair em falso
 começar antes do tempo
see off acompanhar (até a porta)
 despedir-se antes da viagem
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