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aperto tightness, squeezed; distress, pinch, scrape, straits
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hold n (grasp)  (agarrar)aperto vt
 He had a tight hold on his daughter's wrist.
 Ele segurava com aperto o pulso da filha.
mess n (difficulty)  (dificuldade)confusão sf
  aperto sm
 US: My financial affairs are a mess, with less income than spending.
 UK: I am in a mess with my financial affairs, spending more than I earn/I am in a mess with my homework.
press n (crowding together)aperto sm
 There was a great press of people in the small lift compartment.
screw n (twist)aperto sm
  rosqueada sf
 You have to screw this preserve jar really hard to open it.
 * Give the lid another screw to make sure it is closed.
financial straits npl (poverty, lack of money)  (pobreza, falta de dinheiro)dificuldades financeiras loc sf
   (dificuldades financeiras)aperto sm
 He's been in serious financial straits since he lost his job.
crunch n (situation)  (situação)aperto sm
squeeze n (by hand)  (com a mão)aperto sm
squeeze n (financial)  (financeiro)aperto sm
hole n figurative (predicament)apuro, aperto sm
   (fig, em crise financeira)buraco sm
 I'm in a real financial hole.
predicament n (difficult situation)  (situação difícil)apuro, dilema, aperto sm
strait npl (bad situation)  (situação ruim)aperto, apuro sm
handshake n (greeting or leaving gesture)  (cumprimento)aperto de mão loc sm
handshake n (gesture of agreement)  (gesto de acordo)aperto de mão loc sm
firm hold n (secure grasp)aperto seguro loc sm
 The army chief had a firm hold on power in the region.
dire straits npl (desperate situation)  (situação desesperadora)apuro, aperto sm
  perrengue sm
 When Jim lost his job he found himself in dire straits.
pinch n (difficult situation)aperto, embaraço sm
wing nut porca de borboleta
  porca de aperto manual
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