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apoio smsupport n
 base, basis, foundation n
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support n (emotional) emocionalapoio sm
 His family's support throughout his divorce was important to him.
 O apoio da família durante o divórcio foi importante para ele.
office, offices npl (services) ajuda, serviçospréstimos sm pl
 apoio sm
 Thanks to her good offices, the job was completed.
reinforcement n (psychology: conditioning)apoio sm
facilitation n (professional: assisting, guiding)facilitação sf
 apoio sm
crutch n figurative (psychological aide) figurado: ajuda psicológicaapoio sm
endorsement n (of candidate) candidaturaapoio sm
 adesão sf
patronage n (support) apoioapoio sm
support n (item holding up) item segurandoapoio, suporte sm
 The support gave way and the roof collapsed.
 O apoio (or: suporte) cedeu e o telhado caiu.
support n (computers, technical) informática: suporte técnicosuporte, apoio sm
 If you can't fix it yourself, you need to call technical support.
support n (being supported) ser apoiadoapoio, ânimo sm
 força sf
 I was given such great support by my friends.
support n (sthg or [sb] giving aid) ajuda financeiraapoio, suporte sm
 The government's support was crucial for the company.
rest n ([sth] that provides bodily support) para os pésapoio, descanso sm
 Please bring the foot-rest over here so I can put my feet up.
foothold n (climbing: secure place) para subida seguraponto de apoio loc sm
 para subirapoio para pés loc sm
 base sf
furtherance n (advancement)incremento, fomento sm
 auxílio, apoio sm
footing n (secure place for feet) lugar seguro para péspiso sm
 ponto de apoio loc sm
footing n figurative (position) figurado: posiçãopé, apoio sm
helpdesk n (technical support centre) apoio técnicoapoio ao usuário loc sm
toehold n literal (place for one's toes to grip) alpinismoagarra sf
 ponto de apoio loc sm
headrest n (seat's head support)apoio para a cabeça loc sm
pushup n (arm exercise: press-up) exercício de desenvolvimento dos músculos peitoraisflexão sm
 apoio de frente loc sm
subsidization, UK: subsidisation n (funding, financial support)apoio financeiro loc sm
computer technician n ([sb] who offers technical support with computers) computadorapoio técnico loc sm
financial assistance n (monetary aid)assistência financeira loc sf
 apoio financeiro loc sm
 I need financial assistance to buy a new car.
financial backing n (monetary support)apoio financeiro loc sm
 My uncle provided the financial backing for me to open my restaurant.
financial support n (monetary assistance)apoio financeiro loc sm
 His parents provided financial support for him while he was in college.
full support n (total approval or backing)aprovação total loc sf
 apoio total loc sm
 Our financial backers have given the project their full support.
full support n (every possible encouragement or assistance)apoio total loc sm
 In an ideal world, a teacher has time to give each student his full support.
get a foothold vi literal (find secure place for feet when climbing) montanhismo: achar lugar seguro pelos pésconseguir um apoio para o pé loc v int
 After falling halfway down he was able to get a foothold and begin climbing again.
give support vi (help, assist) ajudar, assistirdar apoio loc v int
 They asked me to give support to a cause I don't believe in.
moral support n (emotional assistance, encouragement) apoio emocionalapoio moral loc sm
 My friend had to see a cancer specialist, so I went with her for moral support.
 Bart's dad provided moral support by attending all of his basketball games.
mutual support n (reciprocal help, assisting one another)apoio mútuo loc sm
 They had a relationship of mutual support, so when she needed some help he was quick to provide it.
backing vocals npl (singing that supports a main vocalist)vocal de apoio loc sm
 coro sm
 The singer was drowned out by the backing vocals.
backup singer n ([sb] who sings backing vocals)vocalista de apoio loc smf
 The backup singers were amazing at the concert.
consumer patronage n (customer loyalty)apoio dos consumidores loc sm
disability organization, UK: disability organisation n (association assisting the handicapped) defensora dos direitos dos deficientes físicosorganização de apoio aos deficientes loc sf
 Disability organizations are calling for better access to public services.
encouragement n (support)estímulo, apoio sm
count on contar com o apoio de alguém
 esperar por algo
 depender de alguém
plump for dar apoio a
 votar em
toe hold ponto de apoio para o pé
 posição vantajosa
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