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apressar rush, speed
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rush vtr (act with speed)apressar vt
  acelerar vt
 I rushed my test scores so I would not have to wait.
rush vtr (hurry)apressar vt
 I rushed my decision, and later regretted it.
speed vi (hurry)apressar v int
  apressar-se vp
 She waits until the last minute, and then speeds through her work.
quicken vi (get faster)apressar v int
quicken vtr (make faster)apressar vt
hurry through vtr (cause [sth] to be done hastily)  (ser feito às pressas)apressar vt
 This legislation is a disaster because the Government hurried it through Parliament.
hustle vi (move quickly)apressar v int
hurry up apressar
shift vi UK, informal (hurry)apressar-se vp
  correr v int
 Come on, shift! We'll be late!
hurry vi (rush)apressar-se v pron
 If you hurry you might catch the next bus.
 Se tu te apressares, conseguirás pegar o próximo ônibus.
rush vi (move with speed)apressar-se vp
  correr v int
 He rushed through the airport to catch the plane.
 Ele apressou-se pelo aeroporto afora para pegar o avião.
 Ele correu pelo aeroporto afora para pegar o avião
accelerate vtr (hasten)acelerar, apressar vt
quicken vtr (stimulate, rouse)apressar, estimular vr
scurry vi (person: move hurriedly)  (pessoa)correr, apressar v int
scurry vi (hurry along)apressar-se vp
scoot vi (go quickly)apressar-se vp
hie vi rare (hurry, go fast)  (arcaico: )apressar-se vp
hurry to do [sth] vi (make haste, rush to do [sth])apressar-se vp
 He hurried to clean his apartment before his date arrived.
hasten to do [sth] apressar-se em fazer algo
make haste apressar-se
make time apressar-se
  viajar numa certa velocidade
press on ir em frente
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