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aproximar near, come near, approximate
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close vtr (nautical: approach)  (náutico)aproximar vt
 The ship closed land that morning.
near [sth]
(approach)aproximar vt
  avizinhar vt
 The landing plane neared the airport.
approach vtr (move closer: time)aproximar vt
  aproximar-se vp
 The deadline for this project is quickly approaching.
 O prazo final para este projeto está se aproximando rapidamente.
approach [sth]
(be similar to)  (ser similar a)aproximar vt
 He spoke in a manner that was approaching sarcasm.
 Ele falou de um modo que aproximava ao sarcasmo.
approximate vtr (be similar to)  (ser similar a)aproximar vt
bring closer vtr (make more intimate)aproximar vt
 She planned a quiet weekend away for the two of them in hopes that it would bring them closer.
come near vtr literal (approach )  (literal)aproximar vt
 Don't come near me or I'll shoot!
close vi (come close)aproximar-se vp
  cercar, rodear vt
 The police closed on their suspect.
near vi (approach)achegar-se, aproximar-se vp
  avizinhar v int
 She neared, and whispered a secret in my ear.
approach vi (move closer: space)aproximar-se vp
 The deer began to run as the wolves approached.
approach vi (move closer: time)aproximar-se vp
 As her wedding date approached, Martha became more nervous.
approach vi (golf)  (golfe)aproximar-se vp
 The golfer approached confidently.
approach [sb] or [sth]
(move closer: space)  (aproximar)abordar vt
  aproximar-se v p
 The boxer approached his opponent carefully.
 O boxeador abordou seu oponente com cuidado.
draw vi (approach)aproximar-se v p
 As he drew close to home, he heard the sound of the fire.
edge vtr (move gradually)aproximar, esgueirar vt
 He edged closer to her on the bench.
accost vtr (approach, greet)abordar vt
  aproximar-se vp
close in on vtr (get closer to, in order to capture)aproximar de vt
 Drive faster! The cops are closing in on us!
come up to v (approach: [sb])  (alguém)aproximar-se de vp
 He came up to me in the street and tried to bum a dollar.
draw up vtr (come forward, move closer)aproximar, acercar vt
 Draw up a chair to the table and I'll show you my holiday pictures.
go up to vtr (approach, accost)  (abordar alguém )aproximar-se, dirigir-se a loc vp
 Don't be shy, just go up to him and say hi!
creep up vi phrasal (approach stealthily)andar de fininho loc v int
  aproximar-se sorrateiramente loc v int
 Make some sound when you come in. Don't creep up on me.
draw near vi (come close, approach)aproximar-se v int
 As we drew near, the air became thick with smoke.
cosy up vi phrasal UK, informal (get intimate or close)aproximar-se vp
 He´s always cozying up to the boss to try to get a promotion.
creep over vtr phrasal insep figurative (light, darkness: slowly begin to cover)  (fig, luz, escuridão: ir cobrindo)aproximar-se vp
cosy up to vtr phrasal 3-part UK, informal (get intimate or close with)aproximar-se de loc vp
  ficar íntimo de loc vt
loom vi figurative (come close)  (figurado)aproximar-se vp
close to aproximar-se de alguém
come close aproximar-se
  chegar perto
come closer aproximar-se
  quase conseguir
go near aproximar-se de
see daylight   (literal)ver a luz do dia
  ver a luz no fim do túnel
  aproximar-se de uma solução
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