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arrancar pull or tear away from, jerk away
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screw vtr (extract)arrancar vt
 They screwed every last penny out of him.
tear [sth]
(wrench)  (puxar com força)arrancar vt
   arrebatar vt
 He tore a leg from the chicken and started eating.
rend vtr figurative (hair, clothing: tear at)  (cabelo, roupa (figurado))arrancar vt
wrest vtr (obtain by force)  (obter à força)arrancar vt
gouge vtr (scoop out)arrancar vt
   (com goiva)escavar vt
force out vtr figurative ([sb]: force to leave)  (figurativo)arrancar vt
 He was forced out of retirement when they cut off his pension.
spurt vi (suddenly increase)  (aumentar repentinamente)arrancar v int
take [sth]
(snatch)  (tirar com força)arrebatar, arrancar vt
  tirar vt
 The robber took my purse and ran away.
take vi (machine: function)  (máquina: pôr-se em funcionamento)funcionar, arrancar, pegar v int
 We had to oil it four times before the machine would take.
strip [sth] from [sth]
(remove: wallpaper)  (papel de parede)arrancar, tirar, remover vt
 Strip the wallpaper from the wall.
tear [sth]
(pull up)arrancar, extirpar vt
  desarraigar, desenraizar vt
 She tore the weeds from the ground.
yank vtr (pull strongly on)  (puxar com força)arrancar, tirar vt
uproot vtr (plants: pull from the earth)  (plantas)desarraigar, arrancar vt
wrest vtr (pull away by force)arrancar, puxar vt
pluck vtr (pick, pull out)arrancar, puxar, colher vt
raise a smile arrancar um sorriso
root out arrancar da raiz
strip out arrancar, tirar
wring out arrancar ou extrair à força, extorquir
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