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Traduções principais
arrancar pull or tear away from, jerk away
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Traduções principais
extract [sth/sb] vtr (take out, remove)extrair vt
  (informal)arrancar vt
 It only took the dentist a few seconds to extract the tooth.
yank vtr (pull strongly on) (puxar com força)arrancar, tirar vt
uproot [sth] vtr (plants: pull from the earth)desarraigar, arrancar vt
 The gardener uprooted the plant and tossed it aside.
wrest vtr (pull away by force)arrancar, puxar vt
gouge vtr (scoop out)arrancar vt
  (com goiva)escavar vt
kick-start [sth] vtr (motorcycle: start up) (motocicleta)arrancar vt
  dar partida expres v
whip [sth] away,
whip away [sth]
vtr + adv
(remove quickly)puxar vt
  arrancar vt
 Glenn whipped away the table cloth, leaving all the crockery and cutlery undamaged.
rip [sth] out,
rip out [sth]
vtr + adv
informal (remove by tearing)recortar vt
 When I see an interesting photo in the newspaper, I often rip it out.
tug at vtr phrasal insep (yank or pull on [sth](arrancar ou puxar algo)puxar vt
  arrancar vt
tug at [sth] vtr phrasal insep (yank or pull on [sth])puxar vt
  arrancar vt
rip off [sth],
rip [sth] off
vtr phrasal sep
(clothes: remove quickly) (roupas)arrancar vt
 Seeing the cool, shimmering surface of the water, Steve ripped off his clothes and dived in.
strip down vtr phrasal sep literal (remove paint or wallpaper from) (remover a pintura ou papel parede de)retirar vt
  remover vt
  arrancar vt
tear out vtr phrasal sep (remove by ripping) (remover rasgando)arrancar vt
  rasgar vt
 He tore out a page from the magazine.
tear off vtr phrasal sep (detach by ripping) (destacar rasgando)rasgar vt
  arrancar vt
 He tore off the wrapping to discover what was inside.
pry out vtr phrasal sep (extract by pulling or levering) (extrair à força)puxar vt
  arrancar vt
 I had to pry it out of her, but she finally admitted she was having an affair.
whip [sth] away from [sb] v expr (confiscate quickly)pegar vt
  confiscar vt
  arrancar vt
 The teacher whipped the mobile phone away from the student and locked it in her desk.
pull away vi phrasal (vehicle: move off) (veículo: mover, sair)arrancar v int
  sair v int
 After he received his food, the driver pulled away from the drive-through window.
pull out vi phrasal (vehicle: move off) (veículo: mover-se, sair)arrancar vt
  sair vt
rend vtr figurative (hair, clothing: tear at) (cabelo, roupa (figurado))arrancar vt
rip [sth] out,
rip out [sth]
vtr + adv
figurative, informal (remove completely)arrancar vt
 Tina ripped all the old wiring out of the house and had all new electrics put in.
break [sth] off vtr phrasal sep (snap, detach)arrancar vt
 Olga broke off a large piece from the chocolate bar.
wrest vtr (obtain by force) (obter à força)arrancar vt
pluck [sth] vtr (eyebrow hairs: pull out)fazer vt
  arrancar vt
 Katie plucks her eyebrows once a week.
rip [sth] out vtr + adv US, slang, figurative (oath: say angrily) (figurado, falar contrariadamente)arrancar vt
pluck [sth/sb] from [sth],
pluck [sth/sb] out of [sth]
vtr + prep
(pick, take out)arrancar vt
  puxar vt
 Jeremy reached out and plucked the child out of the pond.
nip [sth] off [sth] vtr + prep (pick)arrancar vt
 Kate nipped a few young fruits off the peach tree so the others would grow bigger.
take [sth] vtr (snatch)arrebatar, arrancar vt
  tirar vt
 The robber took my purse and ran away.
worm [sth] out of [sb] v expr figurative (obtain sneakily) (figurado: conseguir sorrateiramente)arrancar, tirar vt
 Peter was determined not to reveal his secret, but Emily eventually wormed it out of him.
Traduções complementares
take vi (machine: function) (máquina: pôr-se em funcionamento)funcionar, arrancar, pegar v int
 We had to oil it four times before the machine would take.
(suddenly increase) (aumentar repentinamente)arrancar v int
 The athelete spurted forward to take the lead.
screw vtr (extract)arrancar vt
 They screwed every last penny out of him.
strip [sth] from [sth]
(remove: wallpaper) (papel de parede)arrancar, tirar, remover vt
 Strip the wallpaper from the wall.
tear [sth] vtr (pull up)arrancar, extirpar vt
  desarraigar, desenraizar vt
 She tore the weeds from the ground.
tear [sth] vtr (wrench)arrancar vt
  arrebatar vt
 He tore a leg from the chicken and started eating.
weed [sth/sb] vtr figurative (eliminate)arrancar vt
 We need to weed all the poor performers from the company.
 Nós precisamos arrancar todos os funcionários com mau desempenho da empresa.
stem [sth] vtr (remove stems from) (remover raízes de)remover raízes de expres v
  arrancar vt
 Luke stemmed the strawberries before slicing them.
pull [sth] vtr informal, often passive (tooth: extract) (dente)arrancar, extrair vt
 I've just had a tooth pulled and it hurts.
 Tive que extrair um dente e está doendo.
wrench [sth] vtr (pull violently)arrancar vt
  puxar vt
  desembainhar vt
 The knight wrenched his sword from its sheath. Rachel wrenched the door, but it wouldn't budge.
yank [sth] out,
yank out [sth]
vtr + adv
(remove forcibly)arrancar vt
  retirar vt
tease [sth] out,
tease out [sth]
vtr phrasal sep
figurative (extract) (figurado, verdade)arrancar vt
 We eventually managed to tease the truth out of Brian.
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Formas compostas:
rip [sth] from [sb/sth] vtr + prep (snatch, wrest)arrancar de expres v
  tomar de expres v
 Emily ripped the weapon from her opponent's grasp.
root [sth] out vtr phrasal sep (find and eliminate)arrancar pela raiz expres v
  erradicar vt
  extirpar vt
 It's almost impossible to root out the causes of poverty.
root out the evil v expr (eliminate bad influences)eliminar todo o mal expres
  arrancar todo o mal expres
 The second grade teacher saw it as her duty to root out the evil in her pupils.
scratch [sth] out vtr + adv (remove by clawing)arrancar fora expres v
 I think that crazy cat was trying to scratch my eyes out!
tan [sb]'s hide v expr (beat [sb] as punishment) (figurado, dar um surra)arrancar o couro expres
  tirar o couro expres
tear from vtr phrasal insep (pull or rip out of) (retirar ou extrair de)rasgar de loc vt
  arrancar de loc vt
 The story line of the drama was torn from the headlines.
weed out [sth],
weed [sth] out
vtr phrasal sep
figurative (eradicate [sth](figurado)erradicar vt
  podar vt
  eliminar vt
  arrancar pela raiz expres
 We're not going to weed out all the bad influences by stopping the free flow of information.
wring [sth] out of [sb] v expr figurative (obtain by pressure) (figurado: obter através de pressão)arrancar de alguém expres
  extrair à força de alguém expres
 The police finally managed to wring a confession out of the suspect.
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