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arrastar drag, pull
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walk vtr (move by rocking)arrastar vt
 Let's walk the heavy bookshelf instead of carrying it.
drag vtr (pull along the ground)  (puxar pelo chão)arrastar vt
 The child dragged her doll into the room.
 A criança arrastou a boneca para a sala.
drag vi slang (move or act with intentional sloth)  (retardar)arrastar vt
   (expressão)fazer corpo mole loc vt
 Though marriage was his idea, he began to drag his feet when wedding preparations began.
drawl vtr (say in a drawl)  (falar de modo lento)arrastar vt
drag in vtr figurative (involve [sb] unwilling)arrastar vt
drive [sb] to vtr figurative (cause [sb] to do or be [sth])  (compelir alguém a fazer algo)arrastar vt
haul around vtr (carry: [sth] heavy or cumbersome)  (levar: algo pesado)arrastar vt
 We will leave our luggage at the hotel, as we don't want to have to haul it around with us all day.
haul vtr (carry)  (carregar)arrastar vt
shuffle vtr (feet, walk)  (pés)arrastar vt
pull vi (tug, haul)puxar v int
  arrastar, rebocar v int
 Don't stop pulling, even if you get tired.
drag vi (move with weariness and heaviness)arrastar-se v p
 The old man dragged along the road.
drag vi (touching ground)arrastar-se v p
  ser arrastado loc v int
 The driver didn't know that muffler was dragging on the road.
 O motorista não sabia que o cano de descarga arrastava-se pela estrada.
 O motorista não sabia que o cano de descarga estava sendo arrastado pela estrada.
drag vi (move slowly, lagging behind)arrastar-se v p
 With the new smoking laws in place, tobacco sales dragged.
scuff vtr (scrape)arrastar, raspar vt
trudge vi (walk wearily)  (andar a custo)arrastar-se vp
plod vi (trudge, step slowly)andar vagarosamente, caminhar vagarosamente loc v int
  arrastar-se vp
crawl into vtr (creep inside)arrastar-se vp
  rastejar, entrar sigilosamente vt
 He crawled into bed as quietly as possible so as not to wake his wife.
crawl out of vtr (creep outside)escapulir, rastejar vt
   (para fora)arrastar-se vt
 She crawled out of her sleeping bag to see if it was a bear making all the noise outside her tent.
creep in v literal (crawl or move stealthily inside)rastejar, engatinhar vt
  arrastar-se vp
 Arriving home drunk again, he tried to creep in unnoticed.
drag along vtr (force to accompany)arrastar, puxar, levar à força vt
 If you drag your son along to church he will only resent it.
drag off
(carry away)arrastar, levar vt
Note: hyphen used when term is a noun
drag your feet vi (dawdle)  (vadiar)arrastar os pés
 If you don't stop dragging your feet, we'll never get there on time.
drag your feet vi figurative (be slow to act)  (ser lento em agir)arrastar os pés
drag on vi phrasal (continue tediously)arrastar-se vp
 The three-hour movie dragged on and on.
creep under vtr phrasal insep (crawl beneath)arrastar-se por baixo de loc vt
 When the thunder started the dog crept under the bed and stayed there until it stopped.
drag [sb] through the mud v informal, figurative (dirty [sb]'s reputation)arrastar para a lama loc vt
   (fig, gíria)queimar o filme de loc vt
 The biased reporter dragged the senator's name through the mud.
crawl vi (go slowly)  (ir lentamente)arrastar-se v p
lug vtr (sthg heavy: carry)  (com esforço)puxar, carregar, arrastar vt
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