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arte art, skill, craft
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art n (painting, sculpture)arte sf
 Fred was born with an appreciation for art.
 Fred nasceu com apreço pela arte.
art n (skill)  (habilidade)arte sf
 Rick says that barbecuing steaks is an art.
art n (not nature)arte sf
 She thinks that art can be more beautiful than the natural world.
trade n (handicraft)arte sf
  profissão sf
 The printer's trade has changed since the days of metal type.
craftsmanship n (skill in craft or trade)artesanato sm
  arte sf
artistry n (craftsmanship)arte sf
art adj (non commercial)  (não comercial)de arte loc adj
 Mike's favourite films are art films.
acting n (the profession or occupation of an actor)  (profissão ou ocupação de um ator)interpretação sf
   (profissão ou ocupação de um ator)teatro sm
  arte dramática loc sf
  diretor interino loc sm
 My daughter wants to study acting.
 Minha filha quer estudar interpretação.
 Minha filha quer estudar teatro.
conceptual adj (art: abstract, intellectual)  (arte: abstrata)arte conceitual adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
scrimshaw n (whalebone carving)  (trabalho entalhado e pintado em osso )arte baleeira loc sf
abstract art n (art that is not representational)arte abstrata loc sf
 When looking at abstract art, remember that it is usually not a portrayal of a tangible object.
art critic n ([sb] who reviews artwork professionally)crítico de arte loc sm
 The taste of that art critic is the standard of all proper society.
art department n (school, etc.: department that teaches art)departamento de arte loc sm
 The art department welcomed fifty new students this year.
art department n (tv, film, theatre: department of props and scenery)departamento de arte loc sm
 The art department won an award for scenery design.
art director n (advertising: [sb] responsible for visuals)diretor de arte loc sm
art director n (tv, film: head of art department)diretor de arte loc sm
art exhibition n (display of collected artworks)exibição de arte loc sf
 The museum has a new art exhibition.
art gallery n UK (museum of art)  (museu)galeria de arte loc sf
 We had a wonderful time viewing the paintings at the art gallery.
art gallery n US (retail art emporium)galeria de arte loc sf
 The artist sells her paintings at the art gallery.
art of war n (military strategy)arte da guerra loc sf
 General Patton was an avid student of the art of war.
art school n (institution specialized in teaching art)escola de arte loc sf
 He wants to study illustration, so he will attend art school in the fall.
art student n ([sb] who studies art)estudante de arte loc smf
 She's an art student at the Royal College of Art in London.
black art n (art by people of African descent)arte africana loc sf
 During Black History Month, many museums display black art.
commercial art n (art that is popular with buyers)  (arte popular)arte comercial loc sf
commercial art n (art used in advertising, for commerce)  (arte de propaganda, comércio)arte comercial loc sf
 The book covers in any bookstore are a virtual museum of commercial art.
conceptual art n (art about ideas more than aesthetics)arte conceitual loc sf
 Generally speaking, only art critics are interested in conceptual art.
culinary art n (art or skill of cookery)arte culinária loc sf
 Making a good curry sauce is a culinary art.
culinary art npl (art or skills of cookery)arte culinária loc sf
 Simon's skill in the culinary arts was limited to boiling an egg.
erotic art n (art intended to arouse sexually)  (manifestação artística que envolve erotismo)arte erótica loc sf
 It's not easy to draw a precise dividing-line between 'erotic art' and 'pornography'.
industrial art n (skill of operating a machine)arte industrial
landscape painting n (art: depicting natural scenery)arte da paisagem loc sf
 I prefer to paint portraits as I'm not very good at landscape painting.
martial art n (Eastern Asian combat discipline)  (métodos de lutar, estilo asiático)arte marcial loc sf
 She decided to learn martial arts for self-defence.
objet d'art n (three-dimensional work of art)  (de arte plástica)objeto de arte loc sm
 That isn't just a jumble of trash; I paid good money for that objet d'art.
objets d'art npl (three-dimensional works of art)  (de artes plásticas)objetos de arte loc sm pl
fine art n (visual forms of art)arte visual loc sf
 The sale will be of interest to collectors of fine art.
Applied Art n (design used for practical purposes)arte aplicada loc sf
 She studied Applied Art at college and then got a job as a graphic designer.
art history n (study of art through the ages)história da arte loc sf
 Because I was an Art Major in college, I had to take five semesters of art history.
art lover n ([sb] who appreciates art)apreciador de arte loc sm
 He's a true art lover.
Classical Studies npl (subject: ancient Greek and Roman culture)  (estudo da antiga cultura greco-romana)Arte e Cultura Clássicas loc sfpl
 My father, a professor of classical studies, taught Greek, Latin, and ancient history.
computer art n (visual artwork created digitally)arte digital loc sf
  arte de computador loc sf
computer art n (creation of artwork by digital means)arte digital loc sf
  arte de computador loc sf
dying art n figurative (skill that has become rare)arte em extinção loc sf
 Letter writing with a pen seems to be a dying art.
folk art n (decorative art made by local people)arte popular loc sf
 The traditional art forms of a community are reflected in its folk art.
artwork n (collective work)obra de arte loc sf
artwork n (piece of art)obra de arte loc sf
art museum museu de arte
graphic art arte gráfica
pop art arte popular
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