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aspecto smaspect, look, appearance nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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look n (aspect)aspecto sm
  aparência sf
 The children's toy had the look of a real phone.
 O brinquedo das crianças tinha o aspecto dum telefone de verdade.
 O brinquedo das crianças tinha a aparência dum telefone de verdade.
aspect n (feature, characteristic)aspecto sm
 The only aspect of city living that Bob hated was the noise.
 O único aspecto da vida na cidade que Bob odiava era o barulho.
aspect n (cinema, photography)aspecto sm
 The best TVs have an aspect ratio of six to nine.
 Os melhores programas de TV têm um aspecto de proporção de 6 a 9.
cast n (style, appearance)aspecto sm
  aparência sf
 The cast of her clothing is often Bohemian.
aspect n (grammar: feature of verb)  (gramática: iterativo, durativo, habitual)aspecto sm
complexion n (attitude)aspecto sm
way n (aspect)aspecto, modo sm
 In some ways I agree with you.
mien n literary, archaic (manner, behaviour)  (liter., arcaico)aspecto, ar sf
  fisionomia sf
aspect ratio n (bar code symbology: ratio of narrow and wide bars)  (simbologia do código de barra)relação de aspecto loc sf
fine looking
(having a splendid appearance)  (bonito, lindo)de aspecto agradável loc adj
Note: hyphen omitted when term is after the noun
 That champion purebred Collie is a fine-looking dog.
fine looking
(handsome, attractive)  (atraente, bonito)de aspecto atraente loc adj
 My my! What a fine-looking young man you've grown up to be.
shape up tomar forma
  tomar aspecto favorável
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