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associar vtassociate, join, unite vtrtransitive verb: Verb taking a direct object--for example, "Say something." "She found the cat."
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associate vi (with people)associar v int
associate vtr (connect)associar vt
keep company associar
  fazer companhia
keep vtr (associate with)  (reunir-se com)associar-se, relacionar-se vp
 He keeps company with artists.
travel vi colloquial (associate with)  (sem compromisso)acompanhar v int
  associar-se vp
 She is not really committed to the cause, she just travels along.
join vtr (become a member of)ingressar v int
  associar-se v pron
 She joined the chess club.
 Ela ingressou num clube de xadrez.
 Ela se associou a um clube de xadrez.
link vtr figurative (connect mentally)  (conectar mentalmente)associar, relacionar vt
  ligar vt
 The detective linked the suspect to the crime scene.
associate with vtr (keep the company of)associar com vt
 I don't want you to associate with him; he's not good for you.
fall in vi (begin to keep [sb]'s company)  (com alguém )associar-se vp
 His grades dropped when he began to fall in with the slackers.
get in with vtr informal (start to associate with [sb])associar-se com loc vp
 He got in with a bad crowd and started skipping school.
hook up vi slang (start to frequent, become associated: with)ligar-se, associar-se v p
 My wife and I first hooked up when we were in high school.
hook up with vtr slang (start to frequent, become associated with)ligar-se, associar-se
link with vtr (associate with)associar com vt
 The mayor has been linked with organized crime in a series of documents that came to light this week.
consort with associar com
go in with acompanhar a
  associar-se a alguém num empreendimento
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