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Traduções principais
atenção sfattention nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
listen up interj informal (pay attention, listen)atenção interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
  ouçam interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Listen up, class, I'm going to explain our next activity.
attention n (mental focus)atenção sf
 The best students pay attention in class.
 Os melhores alunos prestam atenção nas aulas.
diligence n (being conscientious)atenção sf
  zelo sm
 I really appreciate your diligence on this project.
mindfulness n (thoughtful awareness)atenção sf
  cuidado sm
heed n (attention) (observação cuidadosa)atenção sf
  consideração sf
 "Give heed to my words!", said the professor.
thoughtfulness n (pensive mood)atenção, cuidado sm
 Has the king come out of his thoughtfulness yet? Or is he still refusing all visitors?
attention n (notice)atenção sf
 An employee brought the matter to my attention.
 Um dos empregados trouxe o assunto à minha atenção.
attention n (care)atenção sf
 The school's attention to my daughter's special needs has been excellent.
indulgence n formal (permission)atenção sf
 If I might beg your indulgence, there's a visitor for you.
Traduções complementares
play n (attention) (atenção, interesse, destaque)atenção sf
 The double murder got a lot of play on the morning news.
 O duplo homicídio ganhou muita atenção no noticiário matinal.
notice n (attention) (observação cuidadosa)atenção sf
  reparo sm
 He gave little notice to the signs of problems until it was too late.
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Formas compostas:
absorb [sb] vtr figurative (interest) (figurativo)prender a atenção loc verb
  (formal)cativar vt
  (gíria)ficar ligado loc verb
 The latest novel in the series absorbed readers.
amuse [sb] vtr (hold [sb]'s attention)entreter vt
  divertir vt
  prender a atenção expres
 The new cartoon amused the older children, but the younger ones were not interested.
attend to [sth] vi + prep formal (pay attention to)prestar atenção loc v int
 The students were told to attend to his instructions very closely as he carried out the experiment.
 Ele disse para os alunos prestarem muita atenção às suas instruções enquanto ele conduzia o experimento.
attention span n (duration of concentration) (duração da concentração)limiar de atenção loc sm
 Most adults have an attention span of about 20 minutes.
attention to detail n (notice given to the smallest elements of [sth])atenção a detalhes loc sf
 One of the key differences between good service and top-notch service is in attention to detail. The artist's attention to detail made her paintings completely realistic.
attract attention v expr (be noticeable; draw interest)atrair atenção loc vt
 That new sports car is certain to attract attention.
attract attention v expr (signal)atrair atenção loc vt
 I shouted across the room to try and attract attention.
 Eu gritei para o outro lado da sala para atrair atenção.
catch the attention of [sb] v expr (be noticed)captar a atenção de expres v
  prender a atenção de expres v
 His manly voice caught my attention.
catch the eye,
catch [sb]'s eye
v expr
(be noticeable) (ser notável)conseguir a atenção expres v
  chamar atenção expres v
 The bold designs and bright colours of these dresses really catch the eye.
catch the eye of [sb] v expr (be noticed) (ser notado)conseguir a atenção expres v
 Laura's performance in the show caught the eye of talent scouts.
center of attention (US),
centre of attention (UK)
(focal point)centro da atenção sm
 The UAE was the centre of attention as the region's biggest football tournament came to the country.
come to the attention of [sb],
come to [sb]'s attention
v expr
(be noticed)chegar ao conhecimento expres
  chamar a atenção expres
 It has come to the attention of management that many employees are using the computers to play games.
command attention vtr + n (be striking, impressive)chamar atenção loc vt
cynosure n (focus of attention)centro da atenção loc sm
  (constelação: Ursa Menor)Cinosura sf
 The historical bridge is the cynosure of the city's sightseeing attractions.
demand attention vtr + n (behave in attention-seeking way)tentar chamar atenção expres
 That child is constantly demanding attention.
demand attention vtr + n (require urgent consideration)exigir atenção expres
 Gun violence is a serious matter that demands attention.
direct attention to [sth/sb],
direct your attention to [sth/sb]
v expr
(attract notice, highlight)chamar atenção expres
  realçar, ressaltar vt
 I'd like to direct your attention to the graph at the top of Page 5 in the report.
distract attention from [sth] v expr (create a diversion)desviar atenção de expres
 Magicians need to know how to distract attention from what they are doing. The gaudy packaging is just an attempt to distract attention from the shoddy product inside.
divert attention v expr (create a distraction)desviar a atenção expres
 The Prime Minister's speech on immigration was an attempt to divert attention from more serious issues.
divided attention n (multitasking)atenção dividida loc sf
 The study investigates the influence of divided attention on the performance of car drivers.
focus on [sth] vi + prep figurative (pay exclusive attention to)focar vt
  prestar atenção loc verb
  concentrar-se verb refl
 James will focus on winning gold at the Olympic Games rather than breaking the 400m world record.
 James vai focar na vitória do ouro nos Jogos Olímpicos ao invés de quebrar o recorde mundial dos 400m.
get short shrift from [sb] v expr (be treated curtly by)receber pouca atenção de expres
give [sb] short shrift,
give short shrift to [sb]
v expr
(deal curtly with [sb])dar pouca atenção expres
global audience n (worldwide attention)atenção mundial loc sf
grab the eye vi informal, figurative (attract attention) (atrair a atenção)chamar a atenção loc v int
 Wow, that's an outfit that'll grab the eye.
grandstand vi informal, figurative (draw attention to oneself)comportar-se ostentosamente vp
  atrair a atenção v int
  chamar a atenção v int
 Eventually, the public grew tired of the mayor grandstanding.
hang upon vtr (attend very closely to)prestar atenção loc vt
 Now that was interesting! I hung upon his every word.
hearken to vtr archaic, literary (listen to, pay attention to) (arcaico, literário)escutar vt
  prestar atenção a loc vt
 Had I but hearkened to my mother's counsel, I should not now find myself in this wretched condition.
hold your interest v expr (stay interesting) (manter algo interessante)manter interesse, capturar atenção vt + sm
 Speakers need to select stimulating topics to hold the listeners interest.
look carefully at vtr (examine closely)examinar com atenção loc vt
 One should always look carefully at a document before signing it.
look closely at [sth] v (examine [sth] carefully)examinar com atenção loc vt
 If you look closely at the butterfly's wings you will see the beautiful patterns.
meticulous attention n (extreme diligence and care)atenção meticulosa loc sf
 You must pay meticulous attention to the instructions, as I will only state them once. She paid meticulous attention to her work, ensuring it was always perfect.
mind vtr (pay attention to)prestar atenção loc vt
 Mind your manners when you go to the dinner party.
mind vtr (watch out for)prestar atenção loc vt
 Mind the slippery steps.
mind vi (be careful)prestar atenção loc v int
  tomar cuidado loc v int
 Please mind when you are crossing the road.
be mindful of [sth] adj (give [sth] thought or awareness)estar atento a loc verb
  prestar atenção a loc verb
 She only stayed a short time, as she was mindful of her need to study quite a bit before going to bed.
pay attention vtr + n (be attentive)prestar atenção expres v
 Pay attention! Don't keep reading when I'm talking to you!
pay close attention v expr (take notice)observar vt
  prestar muita atenção expres v
 I was paying close attention but I still have no idea how the magician lifted your watch!
pay no attention v expr (not take notice)não dar atenção expres v
 Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
point out vtr phrasal sep (observe, remark on) (observar, avaliar)indicar vt
  chamar a atenção para loc vt
  apontar vt
 The tour guide pointed out the historical monuments as the bus drove past them.
point out vtr phrasal sep (identify, draw attention to) (identificar, chamar atenção para)chamar a atenção para loc vt
  mostrar vt
 He pointed out the mistake in her translation.
selective attention n (mental focus on [sth] in particular)atenção seletiva loc sf
 The boy's selective attention helped him ignore his parents' calls.
showboat vi US, informal (draw attention to oneself, behave ostentatiously)chamar atenção a si mesmo loc vi
sift through [sth] vtr phrasal insep figurative (sort through: papers) (figurado)examinar vt
  revirar vt
  revisar vt
  olhar com atenção expres
 I was sifting through papers when I found your letter.
stick out vi phrasal figurative (be conspicuous) (informal, ser conspícuo)chamar atenção vt
  estar em evidência vt
  destacar vt
 The young man's blue Mohawk stuck out like a sore thumb in the corporate offices.
take note vi (pay careful attention) (dar atenção especial)tomar nota vt
  dar conta de vt
  prestar atenção em vt
 Take note, people: the job has to be finished today.
take [sb]'s mind off [sth] v informal (distract [sb] from thinking about [sth](distrair alguém de pensar sobre algo)distrair de loc vt
  tirar a atenção de loc vt
wake-up call n figurative (warning) (figurado)chamada de alerta loc sf
  chamada de atenção loc sf
  toque de atenção loc sm
 It was a real wake-up call when she realized her daughter was gone.
 Foi uma verdadeira chamada de alerta quando ela percebeu que sua filha tinha ido embora.
watch it! interj informal (be careful!) (informal: pedido de cuidado)cuidado!, atenção! interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 Watch it! - the pavement's really icy today and you might slip.
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