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atenção sfattention nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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play n (attention)atenção sf
 The double murder got a lot of play on the morning news.
notice n (attention)  (observação cuidadosa)atenção sf
  reparo sm
 He gave little notice to the signs of problems until it was too late.
attention n (focus of the mind)atenção sf
 The best students pay attention in class.
 Os melhores alunos prestam atenção nas aulas.
indulgence n formal (attention)atenção sf
attention n (notice with a view to action)atenção sf
 An employee brought the matter to my attention.
heed n (attention)  (observação cuidadosa)atenção sf
  consideração sf
mind vtr (pay attention to)prestar atenção loc vt
 Mind your manners when you go to the dinner party.
mind vtr (watch out for)prestar atenção loc vt
 Mind the slippery steps.
mind vi (be careful)prestar atenção loc v int
  tomar cuidado loc v int
 Please mind when you are crossing the road.
attend vi (pay attention)prestar atenção loc v int
 The students were told to attend closely as he carried out the experiment.
watch vi (be cautious)  (ser cauteloso)prestar atenção loc v int
 Please watch for cars when you cross.
thoughtfulness n (pensive mood)atenção, cuidado sm
grandstand vi (draw attention to oneself)  (chamar a atenção)comportar-se ostentosamente vp
  atrair a atenção v int
cynosure n (focus of attention)centro da atenção loc sm
   (constelação: Ursa Menor)Cinosura sf
showboat vi US, informal (draw attention to oneself, behave ostentatiously)chamar atenção a si mesmo loc vi
attention span n (duration of concentration)  (duração da concentração)limiar de atenção loc sm
 Most adults have an attention span of about 20 minutes.
attention to detail n (notice given to the smallest elements of [sth])atenção a detalhes loc sf
 One of the key differences between good service and top-notch service is in attention to detail.
 The artist's attention to detail made her paintings completely realistic.
attract attention v (be noticeable; draw interest)atrair a atenção loc vt
 That new sports car is certain to attract attention.
attract attention v (signal to [sb])atrair a atenção loc vt
 I shouted across the room to attract his attention.
bring into focus vtr figurative (draw attention to, explain more clearly)centrar a atenção loc vt
bring out vtr (draw attention to, emphasize)  (enfatizar)chamar atenção
draw [sb] over vi (beckon [sb])  (acenar)chamar atenção com gestos
draw the attention of vtr (attract, interest)chamar a atenção de
 The street entertainer drew the attention of a large crowd.
hang on [sth] vi (attend very closely to [sth])prestar atenção a loc v int
hang upon vtr (attend very closely to)prestar atenção loc vt
 Now that was interesting! I hung upon his every word.
hearken to vtr archaic, literary (listen to, pay attention to)  (arcaico, literário)escutar vt
  prestar atenção a loc vt
 Had I but hearkened to my mother's counsel, I should not now find myself in this wretched condition.
look carefully at vtr (examine closely)examinar com atenção loc vt
 One should always look carefully at a document before signing it.
look closely at [sth] v (examine [sth] carefully)examinar com atenção loc vt
 If you look closely at the butterfly's wings you will see the beautiful patterns.
meticulous attention n (extreme diligence and care)atenção meticulosa loc sf
 You must pay meticulous attention to the instructions, as I will only state them once.
 She paid meticulous attention to her work, ensuring it was always perfect.
attention deficit disorder n (hyperactivity disorder)transtorno do déficit de atenção com hiperatividade loc sm
 It sometimes feels like all my students have attention deficit disorder!
draw attention v (be eye-catching)chamar a atenção loc vt
 Garish clothing always draws attention.
 Garish clothing draws attention.
catch the attention of [sb] v (attract [sb]'s notice)captar a atenção de alguém loc vt
  prender a atenção de alguém
 His manly voice caught my attention.
come to the attention of [sb] v (be noticed by [sb])chamar a atenção loc v int
 It has come to the attention of management that many employees are using the computers to play games.
command attention v (be of striking appearance or bearing)chamar a atenção loc vt
be all over estar em todo lugar
  dar atenção excessiva a
call attention to sthg chamar atenção para algo
catch the attention conseguir a atenção
catch the eye conseguir a atenção de alguém
center of attention centro da atenção
demand attention requerer atenção
direct attention to dirigir a atenção para
direct your attention to sthg dirigir sua atenção a algo
distract attention from distrair a atenção de
divert attention desviar atenção
divided attention atenção dividida
lend an ear to [sb] prestar atenção a alguém
look sharp olhe com atenção
pay attention prestar atenção
pay marked attentions to [sb] prestar atenção a alguém
red herring algo que desvia a atenção do assunto
steal the show roubar o show, a atenção
take notice of prestar atenção em
tune out desligar
  deixar de prestar atenção
zero in zerar
  apontar, concentrar a atenção em
zero in on concentrar (a atenção em)
  fazer pontaria, apontar, mirar
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