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atualizar bring up to date, modernize
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update [sth]
(modernize)modernizar vt
  atualizar vt
 We updated the house after moving in.
 Modernizamos a casa depois de mudar.
 * Do ponto de vista tecnológico, precisa atualizar sua empresa.
update [sth]
(information: make more current)  (última informação)atualizar vt
 We will update the list tonight.
update vtr (computing: replace hardware)  (informática)atualizar vt
 We will update the web site tonight.
retrofit vtr (install or fit an update to)atualizar vt
fill in vtr phrasal sep informal (inform or update)atualizar vt
  contar as novidades loc vt
 He had to leave the meeting for a while, so we filled him in when he got back.
fill in on vtr phrasal 3-part informal (inform or update on: a matter)  (informar)atualizar vt
 I'm sorry I had to leave the meeting; please fill me in on what I missed.
refresh vtr (computers: F5)atualizar vt
bone up on vtr slang (to study; bring one's knowledge up to date)  (estudar )atualizar, reciclar
 If you're going to be that picky, I'd better bone up on basic grammar.
change with the times v (modernize)atualizar-se, modernizar-se vp
 The company needs to change with the times and become smaller and more efficient.
 I've told my parents that it is time to change with the times and start twittering and skyping, not writing letters!
catch up vi phrasal figurative (get up to date)atualizar-se vp
  pôr em dia loc v int
 I missed a week of work, and now I have to catch up.
catch up on vtr phrasal 3-part informal (get up to date with)atualizar-se em loc vp
 I phoned my brother to catch up on the latest news back home.
catch up on [sth] v informal (update oneself on [sth])atualizar-se em algo loc vt
 After a vacation it always takes a few days to catch up on the local news.
brush up refrescar a memória
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