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avaliar vtevaluate, assess, estimate, rate vtr
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
value vtr (appraise, give a price)avaliar vt
 The appraiser is going to value the house.
 O avaliador irá avaliar a casa.
rate vtr (evaluate)avaliar vt
 The boss will rate your performance.
rate vtr (assign a financial value to) valor financeiroavaliar vt
 The company value was rated at 10 million dollars.
rate vtr (grade)dar nota loc vt
 avaliar vt
 The teacher rated her paper an "A".
assess vtr (evaluate)avaliar vt
 The consultant assessed the situation.
 O consultor avaliou a situação.
score, score [sth] vtr (evaluate, mark: a test) testedar nota loc vt
 avaliar vt
 The teacher scored the multiple-choice exams.
appraise vtr (situation)avaliar vt
evaluate vtr (find value of [sb])avaliar vt
evaluate vtr (find value of sthg)avaliar vt
gauge vtr (estimate) estimaravaliar vt
see vi (look at the situation)ver vt
 examinar, avaliar vt
 Let's see, what do we need to do next?
number, number [sth] vtr (estimate quantity of) fazer cálculo aproximadoavaliar, contar, calcular vt
 I number the candies at over five hundred. Am I right?
figure vtr (calculate)calcular, avaliar vt
 Please be quiet while I figure out the correct amount.
 Por favor, fique quieta enquanto calculo (or: avalio) o valor correto.
rate vtr (assess numerically) dar notaclassificar, avaliar vt
 Movie critics rate films on a scale of one to ten.
 Os críticos avaliam os filmes em uma escala de um a dez.
assess vtr (appraise)avaliar, estimar vt
 The value of the property was assessed at one million Euros.
assay vtr (assess)avaliar, testar vt
quantify vtr (specify quantity of)quantificar, avaliar vt
reckon vi (estimate)calcular, avaliar v int
  Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement.

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