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air rage n informal (violent outburst by plane passenger)chilique no avião loc sm
airline travel n (making journeys by passenger plane)viagens aéreas loc sf pl
  (informal)viagens de avião loc sf pl
 Since the events of September 11, 2001, airline travel has significantly changed.
airliner n (passenger plane)avião de carreira loc sm
 The largest airliner is the Airbus A380.
UK: aeroplane
US (aircraft)avião sm
  (pouco usado)aeroplano sm
 The passengers boarded the airplane in an orderly manner.
air-to-air adj (weapon: fired by one aircraft at another) (arma)de avião a avião loc adj
cargo plane n (freight aircraft)avião de carga loc sm
 The airport extended its runway to accommodate bigger cargo planes.
chartered plane n (aircraft hired for private use)avião fretado loc sm
 He can even afford a chartered plane to take him to and from the ranch.
combat aircraft n (plane or helicopter used in warfare)avião de combate loc sm
 Pilotless droans are the latest addition to combat aircraft.
craft n (vehicle, boat)embarcação sf
  avião sm
 Bill rowed the small craft between the rocks.
crop duster n (plane that sprays pesticide)avião fumigador loc sm
 A crop duster was working on the field behind her house.
fighter aircraft n (war plane designed for in air combat)avião de combate loc sm
 The F-22 raptor is the best overall fighter aircraft in the world today.
fly vi (travel by plane) (de avião)voar v int
  viajar de avião, ir de avião loc vt
 We flew to San Francisco last summer.
 Voamos para São Francisco no verão passado.
 Viajamos de avião para São Francisco no verão passado.
fly out vi + adv (depart by plane)viajar de avião loc vt
 We are due to fly out on holiday just before Christmas. My plane will fly out of Atlanta tomorrow at four in the morning.
harrier n (fighter plane) (Harrier Jump Jet)avião de caça loc sm
hijacking n (seizing of a plane, etc.)rapto de avião loc sm
 A hijacking was reported on a passenger aircraft.
jetliner n (passenger plane) (avião a jato)avião comercial loc sm
kite n slang (airplane)avião sm
 Zoe took a kite to Australia to visit her friend.
plane n colloquial, abbreviation (airplane, aeroplane) (máquina que voa, aeronave)avião sm
  aeronave sm
  aeroplano sm
 We boarded the plane ten minutes early.
 Embarcamos no avião dez minutos antes.
rocket plane n (aircraft that launches rockets)avião-foguete sm
saucepot n figurative, slang, humorous (sexually provocative person) (pessoa sexualmente provocante (fem), gír)avião sm
seaplane n (aircraft that can land on water) (avião que pousa em água)hidroavião, hidravião sm
  avião anfíbio loc sm
 Fred flies a seaplane in Alaska and delivers medical supplies to isolated communities.
ship n informal (plane)avião sm
  aeronave sf
 Let's get this ship off the ground!
skyjacker n ([sb] who hijacks a plane)sequestrador de avião loc sm
  pirata do ar loc sm
 The plane was taken over by two masked skyjackers.
stunner n slang (beautiful woman) (gíria: mulher linda)avião, espetáculo sm
  (brasileirismo)gatona sf aum
supersonic jet n (plane that flies faster than sound) (avião que voa mais rápido que o som)jato supersônico sm
  avião supersônico sm
 Concorde was the first and only supersonic jet to carry passengers.
turboprop n abbr (turbo-propelled aircraft)avião turboélice loc sm
  turbopropulsor sm
 Michael has a pilot's license and flies turboprops on the weekends when the weather is nice.
warplane n (military aircraft)avião de guerra loc sm
 The rebels claim that they have shot down a warplane which was dropping missiles on several towns.
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