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baixa hollow, fall
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fall n (decline)  (declínio)queda, baixa sf
 The fall in prices will harm our profits.
low adj (church)  (missa ordinária, sem canto)baixa, calada adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 The priest celebrated a Low Mass.
low n (weather: depression)  (meteorologia: depressão)área de baixa pressão loc sf
 There is a low centred over the Atlantic, causing storms.
slow adj (photography: not sensitive)  (fotografia: não sensível )de baixa sensibilidade loc adj
 I use slow film for night shots.
slow adj (photography: small apertured)  (foto: obturador)de baixa velocidade loc adj
 I use a slow shutter to take evening photos.
lowercase adj (letter: small, not capitalized)  (letra: não maiúscula)de caixa-baixa loc adj
lowercase n (small letters or type)  (letra pequena)minúscula sf
  caixa-baixa sf
bearish adj (stock market: pessimistic)  (mercado de ações)em baixa loc adj
hipster npl (clothing: low-rise jeans)  (jeans )cintura baixa loc sf
underclass n (poor people)  (as classes menos favorecidas)classe baixa loc sf
hipsters npl UK (low-waisted jeans)jeans de cintura baixa loc sm
croon vi literal (sing softly)  (literal)cantar em voz baixa loc v int
area of low pressure n (area where atmospheric pressure is low)área de baixa pressão loc sf
 A stationary area of low pressure over the Great Lakes has brought us a week of rain and fog.
come down n slang (loss of status)  (perda de status)baixa de nível
 It was a real come down when the merger cost him his vice presidency.
dirty trick n informal (unfair or unkind act)truque sujo, jogada baixa
 He's a con artist, so watch out for his dirty tricks.
downward trend n (general decrease)tendência de baixa
 Will this downward trend in the markets never stop?
low blood pressure n (hypotension)  (medicina: hipotensão)pressão baixa loc sf
 Low blood pressure can make you feel dizzy.
low calorie
(containing few calories)de baixa caloria loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before the noun
 The best way to lose weight is to go on a low-calorie diet and do plenty of exercise.
low class adj (indicating social status )  (indica posição social)de classe baixa loc adj
 After he lost his job they had to move to a low-class neighbourhood near the railway station.
low priority n ([sth] not considered urgent)prioridade baixa loc sf
 Paying your rent on time should not be a low priority.
low quality
(inferiority)  (inferioridade)qualidade baixa loc sf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before the noun
 His work was of low quality, and customers rarely employed his services a second time.
 If you buy low-quality equipment, don't be surprised when it breaks down.
low quality
(inferior, poor)  (inferior )de qualidade baixa loc adj
 Low-quality electronics stop working soon after you buy them.
low visibility
(being inconspicuous)  (passar despercebido)baixa visibilidade loc sf
  pouca publicidade loc sf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
low visibility
(short range of vision )baixa visibilidade, visibilidade reduzida loc sf
low voice n (subdued voice: murmur or whisper)  (murmúrio, sussurro)voz baixa loc sf
 He revealed his plan in a low voice so as not to be overheard.
 He spoke in such a low voice that I could barely hear him.
low voice n (voice lower end of sound range)  (voz de tom baixo)voz baixa loc sf
 Men typically have low voices and women have higher ones.
low-calorie diet n (regimen which restricts calorie intake)dieta de baixa caloria loc sf
 I went on a low-calorie diet to lose weight.
lower class n (class below middle in socioeconomic status)  (estado financeiro precário)classe baixa loc sf
 People of the lower class are often employed in manual labour.
off season
(outside the busiest period)  (fora da alta temporada)na baixa temporada loc adv
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Airline tickets to Florida in July are generally less expensive since it's off-season.
off season
(period outside the busiest time)baixa temporada loc sf
floor plan n (outline of a room or storey)planta baixa loc sf
 The floor plan shows the internal layout of the property.
falling stocks npl (shares whose value is decreasing)ações em baixa lo sf,pl
casualty n (war)baixa, perda sf
ebb n (tide outward flow)  (onda fora de fluxo)maré baixa loc sf
slump n figurative (period of low productivity)  (figurado)depressão, baixa sf
slump n figurative (values: lowered)  (figurado)queda, baixa sf
bear market mercado em baixa
ground floor planta baixa
low class classe baixa
low grade média baixa
  nota baixa
price cut redução de preço
  baixa de preço
trickle charger   (eletrônica)carregador de acumulador que opera a baixa amperagem
write off   (finanças)baixar, amortizar, dar baixa nos livros
  cancelar dívida
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