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banana sfbanana n
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banana n (fruit) frutabanana sf
 I like to eat bananas.
 Gosto de comer bananas.
banana n (plant)banana sf
 The farmer grows bananas on his farm in Ecuador.
pushover n (weak person) pessoa fracafracote, frouxo sm
 brasil.popularbanana sm
split n colloquial (ice cream dish) estrangeirismobanana-split sm
 banana-real sm
 Banana splits with vanilla ice cream are my favourite dessert.
plantain n (fruit: type of banana)banana-da-terra sf
weenie n US, slang (cowardly or ineffective person) gíria, covardechorão, banana sm
for a song adv (at a bargain price, cheaply) a bom preço a preço de banana loc adv
 barato adj
 She managed to buy the house for a song.
at bargain rates adv (very cheaply) muito baratoa preço de pechincha loc adv
 a preço de banana loc adv
 I was able to purchase a whole new set of clothes at bargain rates.
banana boat n (banana-shaped inflatable) barco inflável recreacionalbanana boat loc sm
banana peel n (banana's thicker outer skin)casca de banana loc sf
 He's got one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel.
French twist, UK: French pleat n US (pinned-up hairstyle) penteadocoque banana loc sm
 French pleats were very popular in the 1940s.
banana split banana-split
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