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Traduções principais
banco smbank nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
bank n (financial institution)banco sm
 I need to go to the bank to withdraw money today.
 Preciso ir ao banco hoje para sacar dinheiro.
seat n (vehicle) (veículo)banco, assento sm
 I prefer to sit in the passenger's seat.
 Prefiro assentar-me no banco (or: assento) do carona.
bench n (long outdoor seat)banco sm
 Parks often have benches for people to sit and rest.
stool n (seat without a back) (sem encosto)banco sm
  banqueta sf
 Dan sat on one of the stools at the bar.
the bench n (long seat by a sports court)banco sm
 The baseball team members sat on the bench in the dugout.
bench n (exercise apparatus in gym)banco sm
 Johnny worked out on the treadmill and the bench today.
bench n (place in court where judge sits)banco sm
Traduções complementares
bank n (place for blood donation) (de sangue)banco sm
 She donated her blood to the blood bank.
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Formas compostas:
back seat
(seat at back of vehicle)banco traseiro loc sm
bank card n (credit, debit card)cartão de banco sm
bank clerk n (person: teller)bancário sm
  funcionário de banco, caixa de banco loc sm
 The bank clerk miscounted the funds and gave the customer extra cash by mistake.
bank robbery n (theft from a bank)roubo de banco, assalto a banco loc sm
 There was a bank robbery today in the city.
bar n UK (box for accused in court)banco dos réus sm
 The prisoner at the bar looked very worried.
bar n (sandbank)banco de areia sm
 The fishing boat ran aground on a bar.
blood bank n (place where donated blood is stored)banco de sangue loc sm
 The blood bank provides blood for surgery and transfusions.
c n (data bank, collection of data)banco de dados loc sm
canoe thwart n (boat strut)banco de remador loc sm
corporate banking n (commercial finance) (finanças comercial)Corporate Banking
  Banco Empresarial loc sm
databank n (computing: information bank)banco de dados loc sm
dock n (court: where defendant sits) (tribunal)banco do réu loc sm
 The defendant took her place in the dock.
driver's seat n (seat for driver)banco do motorista loc sm
 The driving instructor sat in the passenger seat and the student sat in the driver's seat.
Fed n US, abbreviation (Federal Reserve Bank)Banco da Reserva Federal sm
food bank n (charitable organization that donates food) (organização que doa alimento)banco alimentar loc sm
passbook n (record of bank transactions)caderneta de banco loc sf
 Peter looked through his passbook to find the hundred-dollar charge.
pew n (bench in church)banco de igreja loc sm
 The churchgoers sat on the pew and prayed.
pussy pad n slang, vulgar (passenger seat on a motorcycle) (assento traseiro em uma motocicleta)assento traseiro da moto loc sm
  (informal)banco do carona loc sm
the rack n historical (torture instrument) (instrumento de tortura)banco da tortura sm
 The rack was used as an interrogation device in medieval times.
rear seat n (seating in the back of a vehicle) (banco na parte de trás do veículo)banco traseiro loc sm
  banco de trás loc sm
 Children are safer in the rear seat of a car than in the front passenger seat.
sand trap n (golf: bunker with sand)banco de areia loc sm
 I'm useless at golf: I spend more time in the sand traps than on the greens.
sand bar
(sandy ridge formed by tide)banco de areia loc sm
shallows npl (water that is not deep) (água rasa)baixio sm
  banco de areia loc sm
sperm bank n (storage facility for donated sperm) (facilidade de armazenamento de esperma doado)banco de esperma sm
stand n (witness)banco de testemunhas sm
 He was afraid to take the stand and testify.
trap n (golf) (golfe)banco de areia sm
 He was winning until his ball landed in a trap next to the green.
witness stand (US),
witness box (UK)
(place in law court where [sb] gives testimony)banco das testemunhas loc sm
 The defendant lied when he was put on the witness stand.
World Bank n (international financial institution) (instituição financeira internacional)Banco Mundial loc sm
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