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banco smbank nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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bank n (commerce)banco sm
 I need to go to the bank to withdraw money today.
 Preciso ir ao banco hoje para sacar dinheiro.
bank n (blood)  (de sangue)banco sm
 She donated her blood to the blood bank.
bench n (furniture)  (móvel)banco sm
stool n (seat)  (assento)banco sm
stand n (witness)banco de testemunhas loc sm
 He was afraid to take the stand and testify.
seat n (vehicle)  (veículo)banco, assento sm
 I prefer to sit in the passenger's seat.
 Prefiro assentar-me no banco (or: assento) do carona.
trap n (golf)  (golfe)banco de areia loc sm
 He was winning until his ball landed in a trap next to the green.
c n (data bank, collection of data)banco de dados loc sm
pew n (bench in church)banco de igreja loc sm
shallows npl (water that is not deep)  (água rasa)baixio sm
  banco de areia loc sm
passbook n (record of bank transactions)caderneta de banco loc sf
back seat
literal (seat at back of vehicle)banco traseiro loc sm
databank n (computing: information bank)banco de dados loc sm
sandbar n (sandy ridge)banco de areia loc sm
back bench n UK (junior members of Parliament, as a group)  (membros inferiores do Parlamento)banco de trás loc sm
back bench adj UK (of a junior member of the British Parliament)  (INGL, )do banco de trás loc adj
bank robbery n (crime: theft from a bank)roubo de bancos, assalto a banco loc sm
 There was a bank robbery today in the city.
blood bank n (place where donated blood is stored)banco de sangue loc sm
 The blood bank provides blood for surgery and transfusions.
canoe thwart n (part of an oar used for canoeing)banco de remador loc sm
corporate banking n (commercial finance)  (finanças comercial)Corporate Banking
  Banco Empresarial loc sm
food bank n (charitable organization that donates food)  (organização que doa alimento)banco alimentar loc sm
array n (computers)  (computadores)banco de dados loc sm
dock n (pier)  (píer)doca sf
   (UK: jurídico)banco dos réus loc sm
vault n (in bank)cofre de banco loc sm
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