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banho smbath, bathe, shower nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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shower n (shower bath)  (banho de chuveiro)banho sm
   (brasileirismo)chuveirada sf
 Most Americans take a shower every morning.
 A maioria dos americanos toma banho todas manhãs.
 A maioria dos americanos toma uma chuveirada todas manhãs.
washing n (cleaning oneself)banho sm
bathing n (washing)banho sm
bathing n (swimming)  (natação)banho sm
bath n (washing)banho sm
bathroom n (room with bath/shower)  (BRA)banheiro sm
   (POR)quarto-de-banho sm
 Tina goes into the bathroom as soon as she wakes up.
 Tina vai ao banheiro assim que acorda.
 Tina vai ao quarto-de-banho assim que acorda.
shower vi (bathe in a shower bath)tomar banho loc v int
 He showered after going to the gym.
wash vi (oneself)banhar-se, lavar-se vp
  tomar banho loc v int
 I'd like to wash before dinner.
sunbathing n (lying exposed to sun)banho de sol loc sm
sunbathing adj (lying in the sun)banho de sol loc adj
swimsuit n (men's trunks)  (de homem)calção de banho loc sm
bathing adj (suit: for swimming)  (roupa para nadar)de banho loc adj
bathrobe n (towelling robe)roupão de banho loc sm
bather npl informal (swimming trunks)roupa de banho loc sm
walkabout n (informal meet-and-greet)encontro informal loc sm
  banho de multidão loc sm
trunks npl (man's swimming shorts)short de natação loc sm
  calção de banho loc sm
   (para natação)sunga sf
bloodbath n figurative (massacre)  (massacre)banho de sangue loc sm
swimwear n (bathing costume, trunks, etc.)  (traje de banho)roupa de banho loc sf
   (feminino)maiô, biquíni sm
   (masculino)calção sm
bath salts npl (scented crystals for the bath)sais de banho loc sm pl
bath sponge n (sponge used for washing body)esponja de banho loc sf
bubble bath n (bath with bubbles in the water)banho de espuma loc sm
 Women generally take bubble baths after exercising in order to relax.
cold shower n literal (shower taken in cold water)  (literal - banho em água fria)banho frio loc sm
 After the soccer game, I went home and took a cold shower.
cold shower n figurative (unenthusiastic reception)  (figurativo - recepção fria)banho frio loc sm
copper plating n (coating with copper)revestimento, banho de cobre loc sm
double boiler n (cooking pan for heating and melting)caçarola para banho-maria
 To prevent burning chocolate, it is often cooked over a double boiler to slowly melt it.
have a shower vi (wash oneself under water spray)tomar banho, tomar uma chuveirada loc v int
 I think I'll go and have a shower.
hot bath npl (sauna or steam-bath treatment)sauna sf
  banho a vapor loc sm
mud bath n (skin treatment: soaking in mud)  (tratamento de pele)banho de lama loc sm
 A mud bath is good for the skin and the spirit.
bathing suit n (swimming costume)traje de banho loc sm
 I was so embarrassed to see my teacher when I was only wearing my bathing suit.
baby bath n (bubblebath for babies)banho para bebê loc sm
bath night n (evening scheduled for a bath)noite de tomar banho loc sf
 Before there was running water in the farmhouse, bath night was on Saturday, after all the week's work was over.
bath time n (time allocated for a bath)hora do banho loc sf
 My kids always hide when it's bath time.
bath water n (water in a bathtub)água de banho loc sf
 He was so incredibly dirty after the hike that the bath water was literally black after he bathed. .
bathe vi (in sunlight)tomar banho de sol loc v int
bathe vi (wash self)banhar-se vp
  tomar banho loc v int
bathe vtr (wash [sb])lavar vt
  dar banho loc vt
sunbathe vi (tan self)tomar banho de sol loc v int
  pegar sol loc v int
bath towel toalha de banho
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