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barba beard
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growth n (facial hair)barba sf
 He had not been shaving, and had three days' growth on his face.
beard n (facial hair)barba sf
unshaven adj (not having shaved)não barbeado loc adj
  com a barba por fazer loc adj
aftershave n (men's scent: applied after shaving)loção pós-barba loc sf
aftershave lotion n (men's toiletry product)loção pós-barba loc sf
 Wow! Smells like someone took a bath in aftershave lotion!
chin strap n (beard that runs along jawline)barba queixo-cinta loc sf
 A chin curtain beard like Lincoln wore covers more of the face than a chin strap beard.
clean shaven
(having no stubble or beard)  (de cara raspada)sem barba loc adj
Note: hyphen used when term is before noun
 He usually wears a beard in the winter but goes clean-shaven during the summer months.
five-o'clock shadow n (stubble on a man's chin)  (barba que pode ser notada à tarde )barba de fim de tarde loc sf
 My beard grows so quickly that I always have a five o'clock shadow by lunchtime.
full beard n (hair on chin, cheeks when grown long)barba cheia loc sf
 Santa Claus has a full beard and moustache.
forked beard n (facial hair on chin in two tufts)barba bifurcada loc sf
 My great-great-grandfather had a forked beard.
stubble n (beard)barba espetada loc sf
  barba de vários dias loc sf
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