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baseado based on, joint
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green n slang (marijuana)  (gíria, marijuana)baseado sm
 Wow! This is some good green!
based v past p (past participle of to base)  (particípio passado de basear)baseado vt part pas
 His political ideas are based on his conservative beliefs.
 Suas idéias políticas são baseadas em suas crenças conservadoras.
based adj (base for work)com base loc adj
  baseado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 The Miami-based consultant worked all over the country.
reefer n slang, dated (marijuana cigarette, joint)  (gíria)baseado sm
  cigarro de maconha loc sm
marijuana cigarette n (cannabis joint)  (gíria, cigarro de maconha)baseado sm
 John Lennon claimed to have smoked a joint, you know, a marijuana cigarette, before performing for the Queen.
be based upon vtr (be founded on)ser baseado em loc vt
 Some countries have laws based upon state religions.
 Ideally, your decision should be based on sound reasoning.
be based upon vtr (be adapted from)ser baseado em loc vt
 The movie was based upon a true story.
pot n slang (marijuana)  (gíria)fumo, baseado sm
based on baseado em
be grounded on estar baseado em
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