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chat n (casual talk)conversa sf
  bate-papo sm
 The ladies had a nice chat.
banter n (light-hearted chat)gracejo, bate-papo sm
gab n (talk, chat)conversa sf
  bate-papo sm
tiff n informal (quarrel)  (informal)desavença, discórdia sf
   (brasileirismo: informal)bate-boca sm
chatroom n (internet conversation site)  (conversação na internet)sala de bate-papo loc sf
quarrelling n (having arguments)discussão, querela, altercação sf
  bate-boca sm
UK: quarrelling
US (squabbling)de desacordo, de bate-boca loc adj
quarreling n US (act of squabbling)bate-boca sm
  rixa sf
natter n informal (chat)  (informal: conversa informal)bate-papo sm
chat room
(website for conversation)  (na internet)sala de bate-papo loc sf
 We met in a chatroom for singles, and later began dating.
chit chat n informal (idle banter, informal chatter)conversa fiada loc sf
  bate-papo sm
  lero-lero sm
 I find women's incessant chit chat unbearable
flame n informal (computers)  (na Internet)bate-boca sm
ram n (tool for ramming)bate-estacas sm
rap n (talk informally)bate-papo sm
  conversa sf
pile driver bate-estacas
pow wow conferência de índios norte-americanos
yakety-yak falatório
  bate-papo inútil
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