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Traduções principais/Principal Translations
batida sf na portaknock n
 ritmobeat n
 da policiaraid n
 bebidasmoothie n
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drive n (sports: hitting) esporte: bolabatida sf
 Her drive sent the ball right past her opponent.
beat n (rhythm)batida sf
 The dancers moved to the beat of the music.
 Os dançarinos movimentaram-se na batida da música.
stroke n (sports: hit or swing) esportesbatida sf
 The golfer's stroke could be improved upon.
stroke n (heartbeat)batida sf
 The basketball player was so nervous that he could feel the strokes of his heart.
tapping n (striking sound)batida sf
tapping n (act of striking lightly)pancadinha sf dim
 batida sf
pounding n (hammering sound) barulho estrondosobatida sf
knock n (noise at door)batida sf
knock n (sound like a knock)batida sf
slam n (noise from shutting)batida sf
hit n (contact)batida, pancada sf
 The hit by the car knocked over the sign.
strike n (sound from hitting)batida, badalada sf
 Can you hear the strike of the clock?
stroke n (sound of clock) de relógiobatida, badalada sf
 The party ended at the stroke of midnight.
smoothie n (beverage: fruit purée) bebida: polpa de frutabatida, vitamina sf
 galicismofrappé sm
knocking n (sound: loud tapping) som altopancada, batida sf
knocking adj (act of striking) ato de batidade pancada, batida adj
wheeze n dated (joke, sthg amusing) desusadopiada batida loc sf
roundup n (gathering up) policialbatida, blitz sf
 policialrevista, diligência sf
bunt, bunt [sb], bunt [sth] n US (baseball: bunted ball) beisebolbola batida com pouca força loc sf
bumper cars npl (funfair ride: dodgems)carrinho de batida loc sm
 I want to ride the bumper cars when we go to the amusement park.
flutter kick n (swimming: kick with straight legs) nataçãobatida rápida de pé loc sf
 The flutter kick can be used when swimming on your back.
hackneyed phrase n (cliché, over-used expression) frase muito conhecida e muito usadafrase corriqueira, batida loc sf
 clichê, chavão, lugar-comum sm
 Good as gold is a hackneyed phrase to describe well behaved children.
hit and run, hit-and-run n (fleeing the scene after a collision) da cena de acidente de carrobatida e fuga loc sf pl
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj
 The collision would have been considered an accident, but after the driver sped off it became a hit-and-run.
car crash n (automobile accident)batida de carro loc sf
 The driver was killed in the car crash but the passenger survived.
raid n (by police)incursão, batida sf
rap n (noise: with finger)pancada, batida sf
rap vi (on door)pancada, batida sf
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