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bebida drink
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drink n (beverage)bebida sf
 We've got lots of drinks to choose from.
 Temos muitas bebidas à sua escolha.
drink n informal (alcoholic beverage)bebida sf
 We need some drink for this party.
drink n informal (excessive alcohol consumption)  (consumo exagerado de álcool)bebida sf
 He took to drink at an early age.
beverage n (drink)bebida sf
liquor n (alcoholic drink)bebida alcóolica loc sf
liquor n (alcoholic drink: spirits)  (bebida: espírito)bebida alcoólica loc sf
  aguardente sm
chaser n (drink to follow alcohol)  ( depois de bebida alcoólica)bebida fraca loc sf
hooch n US, slang (moonshine: illegal alcohol)  (gíria, bebida ilegal)bebida clandestina loc sf
nightcap n (alcoholic drink before bedtime)bebida antes de ir dormir loc sf
phosphate n dated (carbonated drink)bebida com gás loc sf
  bebida gaseificada loc sf
alcoholic beverage n (drink containing alcohol)bebida alcoólica loc sf
 We don't sell alcoholic beverages: only soda and bottled water.
cool drink n (soft drink served from the fridge)bebida gelada loc sf
 On a hot day there's nothing better than a cool drink straight from the fridge.
cool drink n (drink chilled by ice or in refrigerator)bebida gelada loc sf
hard liquor n (spirits, alcoholic drink)bebida destilada, bebida alcoólica loc sf
 The store sells wine and beer but no hard liquor.
non-alcoholic beverage n (drink which contains no alcohol)bebida não alcoólica loc sf
 Beer, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages will be served.
fizzy drink n (carbonated beverage)bebida gasosa loc sf
 A lot of fizzy drinks contain artificial sweeteners.
complimentary food and drink n (free refreshments)comida e bebida gratuitas loc sf
   (pop)boca livre loc sf
booze n (alcohol)bebida alcoólica loc sf
sauce n slang (alcohol)  (gíria)bebida alcoólica loc sf
screwdriver n (alcoholic drink)  (vodca com suco de laranja)bebida alcoólica loc sf
energy drink bebida energética
home brew bebida caseira
on the rocks em péssima situação financeira
  bebida com cubos de gelo
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