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biscoito smcookie, biscuit, cracker nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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rusk n (biscuit given to infants)rosca, torrada sf
  biscoito sm
biscuit n UK (cracker)biscoito sm
biscuit n (form of bread)biscoito sm
flapjack n UK (oat cookie)  (INGL, )biscoito de aveia loc sm
shortbread n (biscuit made with shortening)  (biscoito feito com manteiga)biscoito amanteigado loc sm
gingerbread n (biscuit flavoured with ginger)  (gíria)biscoito de gengibre loc sm
gingerbread adj (made of ginger biscuit)de biscoito de gengibre loc adj
digestive n UK, abbr (digestive biscuit)biscoito digestivo loc sm
chocolate chip cookie n (biscuit containing chocolate pieces)biscoito com flocos de chocolate
 She loves to have chocolate chip cookies with her tea.
dog biscuit n (biscuit for dogs)biscoito para cães
fortune cookie n (biscuit containing a prediction)biscoito da fortuna, biscoito da sorte loc sm
 My favorite part of eating at a Chinese restaurant is opening my fortune cookie.
ginger nut n UK (ginger snap: ginger-flavoured cookie)biscoito de gengibre loc sm
 I was surprised to learn that ginger nuts aren't nuts at all, but cookies.
ginger snap n (ginger-flavoured cookie)biscoito de gengibre loc sm
 My grandmother kept her cookie jar filled with ginger snaps.
oatmeal cookie n (biscuit made with ground oats)biscoito de aveia loc sm
 Oatmeal cookies with raisins are my favorite snack.
cookie jar n (container for biscuits)biscoiteira sf
  lata de biscoito loc sf
 Don't get caught with your hand in the cookie jar.
cookie sheet n (flat metal tray for baking)forma para biscoito loc sf
 Non-stick cookie sheets are much easier to clean.
animal cracker n (animal-shaped biscuits)biscoito em forma de animal loc sm
 Children seem to enjoy biting the heads off animal crackers.
chocolate cookie n (biscuit flavoured with chocolate)  (biscoito com sabor de chocolate)cookie de chocolate loc sm
  biscoito de chocolate loc sm
cookie mold n US (container for shaping sweet biscuits)molde para biscoito loc sm
 My sister collects antique hand-carved wood cookie molds.
cream cracker biscuit n (savoury dry biscuit)  (ou bolacha)biscoito de água e sal loc sf
cookie n US (sweet dessert)biscoito doce loc sm
wafer n (food material)biscoito fino loc sm
   (anglicismo)wafer sm
graham cracker biscoito Graham
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