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boca sfmouth n
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ring n (gas burner) queimador de fogãoboca sf
 Place the saucepan on the ring and heat gently for five minutes.
mouth n (opening in the head)boca sf
 He opened his mouth for the dentist.
 Ele abriu a boca para o dentista.
mouth n figurative (dependent: family member) fig, dependentesboca sf
 filho sm
 I have five mouths to feed.
mouth n (source of speech)boca sf
 If you don't close your mouth, I'll just ignore you.
mouth n (spout, opening of a receptacle)boca sf
 bico sm
 The mouth of the gas can was shaped so it would not drip.
gob n UK, slang (mouth) INGL, gíriaboca sf
kisser n slang (mouth) gíria: bocaboca sf
muzzle n (on gun) em armaboca sf
drop n (stage scenery) teatropano de boca loc sm
 The drop was lowered onto the stage as a background for the day scene.
mouth n (natural opening) abertura naturalentrada, boca sf
 The mouth of the cave was small, but the inside was huge.
mouth, mouth off vi slang (give one's opinion loudly)botar a boca no trombone loc v int
 The student got kicked out of class for mouthing off too much.
flared adj (trousers: wide at ankle) calças largas na barraboca-de-sino adj
 alargado adj
tiff n informal (quarrel) informaldesavença, discórdia sf
 brasileirismo: informalbate-boca sm
flares npl (wide-bottomed trousers) calça de boca largacalça boca-de-sino loc sf
quarrelling n (having arguments)discussão, querela, altercação sf
 bate-boca sm
unwritten adj (spoken, informal)informal, verbal adj
 de boca loc adj
mouthwatering adj (appetizing)de dar água na boca loc adj
quarreling, UK: quarrelling adj US (squabbling)de desacordo, de bate-boca loc adj
quarreling n US (act of squabbling)bate-boca sm
 rixa sf
maw n (mouth of an animal) boca de animalboca, bocarra sf
 papo sm
snapdragon n (variety of wallflower)boca-de-dragão sf
blow the whistle vi (tell the truth about [sth]) dizer a verdade sobre algobotar a boca no mundo
blow the whistle on vtr figurative (inform on, denounce: [sb]) denunciarbotar a boca no mundo
blow the whistle on vtr figurative (tell the truth about: [sth]) dizer a verdade sobre algobotar a boca no mundo
bob for vtr (apples: try to pick up with teeth) maçãspescar maçã com a boca loc vt
 Children enjoy bobbing for apples as a party game.
burst into tears v (start crying suddenly) começar a chorar repentinamenteabrir a boca, cair no choro loc vt
 romper em lágrimas
 She burst into tears at the news of her friend's death.
button up vi (keep silent about [sth]) manter-se em silênciofechar a boca loc vt
 I'm going to button up my lips about the missing cookies.
by word of mouth adv (from what other people say)oralmente, verbalmente adv
 de boca a boca
dry up interj (stop talking!)cala a boca! interj
from end to end adv (in total length)de ponta a ponta, de boca em boca loc adv
 From end to end an American football field is 100 yards long.
froth at the mouth vi literal (produce foamy spittle) literalespumar pela boca loc v int
 If a dog is frothing at the mouth it may have rabies.
froth at the mouth vi figurative (be furiously angry) fig, enfurecer, encolerizarespumar pela boca loc v int
 The governor was frothing at the mouth after she was accused of misconduct.
hungry mouth n (dependant) dependenteboca faminta loc sf
 He has just lost his job and he has three hungry mouths to feed.
mouth breathing, mouth-breathing n (breathing through the mouth)respiração pela boca loc sf
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
mouth-to-mouth resuscitation n (artificial respiration) ressuscitação cardiopulmonarrespiração boca-a-boca loc sf
on everyone's lips adv (being much discussed)na língua do povo loc adv
 expr idiomáticana boca do povo
 For or against, national healthcare is on everyone's lips lately.
 This new scandal is on everyone's lips these days.
exit poll n (representative survey of voters)pesquisa de boca de urna loc sf
 The exit polls suggest that this will be a very close election.
complimentary food and drink n (free refreshments)comida e bebida gratuitas loc sf
 popboca livre loc sf
flare jeans, flared jeans npl (denim trousers wide at lower leg)jeans com boca de sino loc sf
 Flared jeans are back in fashion this year.
curtain n (in theatre) no teatropano de boca loc sm
flame n informal (computers) na Internetbate-boca sm
big mouth figuradoboca grande
 falar mais do que deve
clam up calar a boca
make one's mouth water dar água na boca
mum's the word é segredo
 boca de siri
 bico calado
pay lip service to apoiar alguém da boca para fora
pipe down! cala a boca!
put the bit in a horse's mouth colocar um freio à boca
shut up! cale a boca!
shut your mouth feche a boca
word of mouth de boca em boca
 boca a boca
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