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bola sfball nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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ball n (sphere)bola sf
 The cone had two balls of ice cream in it.
 A casquinha tinha duas bolas de sorvete.
ball n (small: tennis, baseball)bola sf
 Throw me the ball.
 Jogue-me a bola.
ball n (US football)  (de futebol americano)bola sf
 Start running and I'll throw the ball to you.
ball n (bowling, billiards)bola sf
 He hit the cue ball as hard as he could.
ball n (game)  (jogo)bola sf
 Let's play ball - we should have started ten minutes ago!
football n UK (round ball)  (bola de futebol)bola sf
 He kicked the football into the goal.
 Ele chutou a bola para o gol.
football n US (oblong ball)  (bola de futebol americano)bola sf
 He threw the football to his friend.
 Ele arremessou a bola para seu amigo.
pigskin n (leather from pigs' skin)couro de porco loc sm
  bola sf
pellet n (small round thing)  (algo redondo pequeno)bola sf
walk vi (basketball: move illegally)  (basquete)andar com a bola loc v int
 The basketball player was going to score, but he walked.
ball n (large: basketball, football)bola de basquete loc sf
 He shot the ball in the final seconds of the game.
 Ele lançou a bola de basquete nos últimos segundos da partida.
ball n (baseball: not swung at)  (beisebol)bola fora loc sf
 The pitch was too high and was called a ball by the umpire.
basketball n (ball used in the game)bola de basquete loc sf
 The basketball needed a little more air.
 A bola de basquete precisava de um pouco mais de ar.
fault n (tennis, sports)  (tênis)bola fora loc sf
 The server had two foot-faults against him.
snowball n (ball of snow)bola de neve loc sf
softball n (ball for softball)  (bola para softbol)bola de softbol loc sf
tee vi (sport: position golf ball)  (no golfe)posição da bola loc sf
hairball n (fur regurgitated by animal)  (pelo regurgitado por animal)bola de pelo loc sm
millipede n (many-legged insect)diplópode, diplópodo, milípede sm
  embuá, piolho-de-cobra sm
  bicho-bola sm
bunt [sb]
bunt [sth]
US (baseball: bat ball lightly so that it hits ground near home plate)  (beisebol: com pouca força)bater a bola loc vt
bunt [sb]
bunt [sth]
US (baseball: act of bunting)  (beisebol: com pouca força)ato de bater a bola loc sm
  bunt sm
bunt [sb]
bunt [sth]
US (baseball: bunted ball)  (beisebol)bola batida com pouca força loc sf
hummer n US (baseball: fast pitched ball)  (beisebol)bola arremessada em alta velocidade loc sf
ball game
(sport played with a ball)jogo de bola loc sm
bauble n literal (decorative ball on Christmas tree)bola de natal loc sf
bubblegum n (chewing gum that makes bubbles)chiclete de bola loc sm
fastball n US (baseball: fast pitch)  (beisebol)bola rápida loc sf
fireball n (ball of fire)bola de fogo loc sf
fireball n (fire sphere produced by nuclear explosion)bola de fogo loc sf
googly n (cricket: ball bowled to take an unexpected direction)  (críquete)bola com efeito loc sf
rusher n US (American football: person who advances the ball by running with it)  (futebol norte-americano)jogador que corre com a bola loc sm
ball game n (sport: game played with a ball)  (esporte)jogo de bola loc sm
 We all stood up during the seventh inning stretch and sang "Take Me Out To The Ball Game".
ball game n colloquial, US (a situation)  (cenário)jogo de bola loc sm
 That puts matters in a different light. It's a brand new ball game now.
ball of fire n literal (fireball)bola de fogo loc sf
 We heard the explosion, then saw a great ball of fire shooting to the sky.
 The propane tanker exploded into a great ball of fire.
bowling ball n (large ball used in ten-pin bowling)bola de boliche
 The bowling ball was so heavy I thought I would drop it on my toes.
bowling ball n (small ball used in lawn bowls)bola de boliche de grama
crystal ball n (glass ball used to predict future)bola de cristal loc sf
 The fortune-teller gazed into the crystal ball.
foul ball n (baseball: ball hit lines designating width of field)  (beisebol)bola fora de campo loc sf
 It appeared to be a home run, but the umpire ruled that it was a foul ball.
golf ball n (small white ball used in golf)bola de golfe loc sf
 When he went golfing he hit the golf ball into the water.
juggling ball n (soft ball used for juggling)bola de malabarismo
 The clown dropped the juggling ball.
jump ball n (basketball: ball thrown between opposing players to start play)  (basquete)bola presa
 As the two players were struggling to gain possession of the ball, the referee called a jump ball.
just ignore it interj (pay no attention)ignore!, não dê bola interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 If my child has a tantrum, I just ignore it until he calms down.
medicine ball n (ball used in weight training)  (bola para exercícios de condicionamento físico)bola de ginástica loc sf
 The physical therapist had her use a medicine ball to strengthen her abdomen.
croquet ball n (sport: wooden ball used in croquet)  (esporte)bola de cróquete loc sf
 Thelma used her mallet to send the croquet ball flying over the fence!
drag a bunt v US (baseball: hit ball short distance deliberately)  (beisebol: a curta distância)rebater a bola loc vt
balloon n (of child)  (de criança)balão sm
  bola de soprar loc sf
  bexiga sf
marble n (round toy)bola de gude loc sf
   (S)bolita sf
palm vtr (ball, basketball)  (bola,basquete)andar com a bola loc vt
  espalmar v int
beach ball bola de praia
cue ball   (bilhar)bola branca
  a bola da vez
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