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bolsa sfbag, purse, handbag nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
   (de estudos)scholarship nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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floor n figurative (stock exchange)  (de valores)bolsa sf
 The floor was active with trading today and many people made money.
exchange n (market)  (bolsa de valores)bolsa sf
 The stock exchange is a fascinating place to visit.
bag n (purse, handbag)bolsa sf
 I think I have some change in my bag.
bag n (bag-like thing)  (Dobra na pele (esp. sob os olhos))bolsa sf
 Every morning when I wake up, I have bags under my eyes.
purse n US for handbag (woman's)  (de mulher (EUA))bolsa sf
 She opened her purse to retrieve her wallet.
 Ela abriu a bolsa para pegar a carteira.
satchel n (shoulder bag)bolsa sf
handbag n (women's bag, purse)  (bolsa feminina)bolsa sf
pouch n (on body: fat)bolsa sf
  quisto sm
wallet n (of woman)  (de mulher)bolsa sf
grant n (financial award)  (ajuda financeira)subvenção, bolsa sf
 The graduate student received a grant to finish her thesis.
 A aluna da pós-graduação recebeu uma subvenção (or: bolsa) para concluir sua tese.
market n abbr (finance: stock market)  (mercado de capitais)bolsa de valores loc sf
 The market went down by 2% today.
bag n (sack)bolsa, sacola sf
 I keep my running clothes in a bag.
 Eu deixo minhas roupas de corrida em uma bolsa (or: sacola).
bag n (amount taken or won)bolsa de caçador loc sf
 Their bag for the weekend included rabbits and squirrels.
purse n (for coins)  (para moedas)bolsa, carteira sf
 The Europeans carry so many coins that some men carry coin purses.
bourse n (stock exchange)bolsa de valores loc sf
bursary n (scholarship, study grant)bolsa de estudos loc sf
carryall n (large bag with handles)bolsa de viagem loc sf
holdall n (large bag with handles)bolsa de viagem loc sf
pocketbook n literal (wallet)  (carteira de dinheiro)carteira sm
   (EUA)bolsa feminina loc sf
saddlebag n (bag attached to a motorbike)  (colocada numa moto)sacola, bolsa sm
sporran n (fur purse in traditional Scottish dress)  (usada na frente do saiote escocês)bolsa de couro loc sf
vesicle n (cyst)vesícula, bolsa sf
  cisto, quisto sm
amniotic sac n (membrane around embryo or foetus)saco amniótico loc sm
  bolsa amniótica loc sf
 During labor a woman's amniotic sac ruptures and the amniotic fluid drains.
cold pack n (ice pack, cold compress)  (para aliviar dores)bolsa de gelo loc sf
 After getting hit in the eye, I put a cold pack on it to prevent swelling.
duffel bag n (drawstring tote bag)bolsa de viagem loc sf
 Duffel bags are the sailor's suitcases.
hot pack n (heated compress for pain relief)bolsa de água quente loc sf
hot-water bottle
hot water bottle
(rubber container for heated water)bolsa de água quente loc sf
 On cold nights I always take a hot water bottle to bed with me.
kit bag n slang (bag for carrying sports clothing)  (esportes)sacola esportiva, bolsa esportiva loc sf
 I keep all my tennis gear in this kit bag.
mesh bag n (bag made of netting)bolsa de malha loc sf
 A mesh bag is a convenient alternative to wasteful plastic or paper bags.
clutch bag
US: clutch purse
UK (women's small bag without handles)bolsa de mão loc sf
  carteira sf
 I bought a sequined clutch bag to go with my dress.
clutch purse
UK: clutch bag
US (women's small bag without handles)bolsa de mão loc sf
  carteira sf
 I carried a clutch purse to the wedding, with just my lipstick and phone inside.
computer briefcase n (bag for a portable computer)bolsa para notebook loc sf
  mochila para notebook loc sf
cosmetic bag n (purse that holds make-up)bolsa de cosméticos loc sf
  nécessaire sf
diaper bag
UK: changing bag
change bag
US (tote for nappy-changing supplies)bolsa para fralda loc sf
 Now mothers can buy fashionable diaper bags that look like a purse.
Financial Exchange n (stock market)bolsa de valores loc sf
 Every country has their own financial exchange, and the largest one in the US is called the New York Stock Exchange.
fellowship n (university job/grant)  (pesquisa universitária)bolsa de estudos loc sf
pouch n (bag)algibeira, bolsa sf
scholarship n (money for studies)bolsa de estudos loc sf
straddle n (finance)  (finanças)operação de Bolsa com opção de compra e venda loc sf
diplomatic pouch bolsa diplomática
trading floor saguão principal (Bolsa)
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