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borda sf enfeiteborder, fringe, brim n
 border, borderline, edging, skirt n
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border n (an ornamental strip, edge) faixa ornamental,bordaborda sf
 The plates have a gold border.
 Os pratos têm uma borda dourada.
lip n (projecting opening)borda sf
rim n (of glasses) de coposborda sf
skirt n (outer edge)borda, beirada sf
 This room needs repainting, especially the skirts.
 * He live on the skirts of the city.
surround n (that which surrounds) espaço em voltaorla, borda, beira sf
 Their fireplace surround is marble.
bezel n (jewellery: setting) jóiaengaste, bisel sm
 borda chanfrada, chanfradura sf
edging n (decorative border) borda decorativaorla, borda, fita sf
 franja, barra, debrum sf
topside n often plural (nautical: part of ship above waterline) náuticaborda do navio loc sf
boundary line n (border)fronteira, borda sf
 The boundary line between Delaware and Pennsylvania is an arc 12 miles from the Newcastle County Courthouse.
cliff edge n (edge of a cliff)borda da falésia loc sm
 Despite fencing and warning signs posted all along the cliff edge, at least one person a year ignores the danger and falls to his death.
brim n (edge of sthg)borda, beirada sf
fringe n (of fabric)borda, orla sf
fringe n (outside border)margem, borda sf
verge n (edge)borda, margem sf
to the brim encher até a borda
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