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borracha sf materialrubber n
 para apagareraser n
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Matching entries from other side of dictionary
eraser n US (rubber for erasing) EUA, para apagarborracha sm
natural rubber n (latex made from sap of the rubber tree)látex, caucho sm
 borracha sf
 These gloves are made from plastic, but those are natural rubber.
rubber n (material)borracha sf
rose n (perforated spout) tubo flexível de borrachamangueira, manga, borracha sf
 I need a new rose for my watering can.
rubberize, rubberize [sth], UK: rubberise, rubberise [sth] vtr (treat with rubber)revestir com borracha loc vt
consistency of rubber n informal (food: chewiness) comidaconsistência de borracha loc sf
 Everything was excellent except for the calamari, which had the consistency of rubber.
hard rubber n (vulcanized rubber)borracha vulcanizada loc sf
 The truck's tires were made of hard rubber.
foam rubber n (spongy material used as stuffing)espuma de borracha loc sf
 The seat cushions were filled with foam rubber.
cap eraser n (rubber that fits on end of a pencil) borracha que se encaixa na ponta do lápisborracha ponteira loc sf
 A cap eraser will fit on the end of most pencils.
crepe rubber n (rubber with corrugated surface)borracha crepe loc sf
 These walking shoes have crepe rubber soles to prevent slipping on wet pavements.
door gasket n (seal on the door of an appliance)borracha para porta loc sf
 If you can pull a dollar bill out through the refrigerator door gasket, it's time to replace the gasket.
washer n (round, rubber, stops leaks)junta de borracha loc sf
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