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céu smsky, heaven nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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heaven n (religion: God's place)  (religião: lugar onde está o Deus)céu sm
 All the angels in heaven are watching over us.
 Todos os anjos no céu estão zelando por nós.
heaven n (religion: afterlife)céu sm
 She died and went to heaven.
sky n (atmosphere)céu sm
 There are no clouds in the sky today.
 Não há nuvens no céu hoje.
roof n (of mouth)  (da boca)céu sm
 The hot food burned the roof of his mouth.
tower n (building)  (edifício alto)arranha-céu sm
  torre sf
 They are building a new office tower downtown.
 Estão construindo um novo arranha-céu no centro.
skyscraper n (tall building)arranha-céu sm
azure n (blue sky)céu azul loc sm
cerulean n (sky-blue colour)cor do céu loc sf
cerulean n (sky-blue pigment)  (tinta desta cor)cor do céu loc sf
skyward adj (up into the air)em direção ao céu loc adj
for heaven's sake interj (expressing frustration)  (expressão de exasperação, frustração)pelo amor do céu interjinterjection: Exclamation--for example, "Oh no!" "Wow!"
 For heaven's sake, why do you keep doing that?
from on high adv (from God)  (de Deus)de cima, do céu loc adv
 A great rumbling came from on high, and the sea began to part.
heaven and earth n (the whole universe)  (universo todo)terra e céu loc sf
 The chief inspector vowed he would move heaven and earth to bring the killers to justice.
heaven of heavens n (religion: highest heaven)  (religião: céu mais alto)sétimo céu loc sm
 I hope, in the after-life, I will go to the heaven of heavens.
charnel ground n (area used for dumping of carcasses)cemitério a céu aberto loc sm
  vertedouro de cadáveres loc sm
heaven on earth céu na terra
high heaven último céu
on cloud nine muito feliz
  no sétimo céu
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