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cabelo smhair nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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hair n not countable (human head)  (cabelo humano)cabelo sm
 She's having her hair cut.
 Ela vai cortar o cabelo.
hair n (individual hair)  (fio de cabelo)cabelo sm
 The two hairs were obviously from two different people.
hairstyle n (haircut)  (corte de cabelo)estilo de cabelo loc sm
curling adj (tongs: for curling hair)enrolador de cabelo loc sm
hairdryer n (device for drying hair)secador de cabelo loc sm
thatch n informal (thick hair on head)  (informal)cabelo duro lo sm
whisker n informal, figurative (very close margin)  (figurado)fio de cabelo loc sm
curler n (hair roller)enrolador de cabelo loc sm
hairbrush n (brush for styling hair)escova de cabelo loc sf
hairpin n (accessory: hair clip)grampo de cabelo loc sm
scrunchie n (elasticised fabric hairband)elástico de cabelo loc sm
frizz n (tightly-curled hair)cabelo crespo loc sm
  cabelo ondulado loc sm
hairline n literal (forehead: line where hair begins)linha limite do cabelo loc sf
barrette n (type of hairgrip)prendedor de cabelo loc sm
bedhead n slang (hair dishevelled during sleep)cabelo despenteado, desarrumado loc sm
snood n (clothing: type of hood)rede de cabelo loc sf
a hair's breadth away adv (very close)  (pertíssimo)por um fio de cabelo, por um triz loc adj
 The house that I bought was a hair's breadth away from the sea.
 The election returns so far show that Harry is a hair's breadth away from victory.
blow dryer n (hairdryer: device that blows warm air)secador de cabelo
 I never use a blow dryer to dry my hair.
do my hair vi informal (cut and style my hair)  (cortar e dar estilo)cortar o cabelo
 I need the hair dresser to do my hair.
 Every morning I do my hair so it looks presentable.
do my hair vi informal (arrange, tidy, my hair)  (arranjar)pentear o cabelo
 Just give me three minutes to do my hair.
frizzy hair n (wildly-curled hair)cabelo frisado loc sm
 My frizzy hair is completely out of control in this humidity.
hair colour
US: hair color
(colour of one's hair)cor do cabelo loc sf
 Teenage girls often change their hair color experimentally.
hair colour
US: hair color
(product for tinting or bleaching hair)  (produto para pintar cabelos)tinta de cabelo loc sf
hair net n (mesh worn over the hair)rede de cabelo loc sf
 It is required for cafeteria staff to wear hair nets.
matted hair n (hair that is massed or tangled)cabelo emaranhado, cabelo embaraçado loc sm
 I have to brush my cat every day to get rid of the matted hair.
mess up [sb]'s hair v (make [sb]'s hair untidy by ruffling it)  (emaranhar os cabelos de)atrapalhar o cabelo de loc vt
 Don't mess up my hair - I've only just come from the hairdressers!
 The wind messed up my hair.
curly hair n (frizzy or wavy hair)cabelo cacheado loc sm
 Does she have a perm or naturally curly hair?
dark hair n (brunette or brown hair)cabelo escuro loc sm
 She has naturally dark hair but she dyes it blond.
dark haired
(brunette)de cabelo escuro loc adj
  moreno sm
Note: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Is Jane the dark-haired girl or the blonde?
fair hair n (blond or light-coloured hair)cabelo claro loc sm
 People with fair hair are most susceptible to sunburn.
 Louise has fair hair and a pale complexion.
angel hair pasta n (capellini: very fine pasta)  (macarrão)aletria sf
   (macarrão)cabelo de anjo loc sm
corn silk n (powder made from stigmas on ear of maize)cabelo de milho loc sm
 Cornsilk is used to treat infections of the urinary and genital system.
corn silk n (hair-like stigmas growing on ear of maize.)cabelo de milho loc sm
 I love corn on the cob, but I hate trying to get the corn silk off the cobs.
corn tassel n (hair-like stigmas on end of ear of maize.)cabelo de milho loc sm
 When the corn tassels turn brown, the corn is ready for harvest.
groom vtr (hair: person)  (cabelo)cortar vt
  pentear vt
  fazer o cabelo loc vt
hair stand on end de cabelo em pé
wet look aparência molhada (cabelo)
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