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Traduções principais
cabelo smhair nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
hair n not countable (human head) (cabelo humano)cabelo sm
 She's having her hair cut.
 Ela vai cortar o cabelo.
Traduções complementares
hair n (individual hair) (fio de cabelo)cabelo sm
 The two hairs were obviously from two different people.
silk n (corn silk) (de milho)cabelo sm
 Elizabeth removed the silk from the corn cobs.
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Formas compostas:
a hair's breadth away adv (very close) (pertíssimo)por um fio de cabelo, por um triz loc adj
 The house that I bought was a hair's breadth away from the sea.
be balding vi (lose your hair)perder o cabelo, ficar careca expres
 Homer is balding, but he doesn't seem to mind.
barrette n (type of hairgrip)prendedor de cabelo loc sm
bedhead n slang (hair dishevelled during sleep)cabelo despenteado, desarrumado loc sm
blow dryer,
(device: dries hair)secador de cabelo loc sm
 I never use a blow dryer to dry my hair.
corn silk n (powder made from stigmas on ear of maize)cabelo de milho loc sm
 Cornsilk is used to treat infections of the urinary and genital system.
corn silk n (hair-like stigmas growing on ear of maize.)cabelo de milho loc sm
 I love corn on the cob, but I hate trying to get the corn silk off the cobs.
corn tassel n (hair-like stigmas on end of ear of maize.)cabelo de milho loc sm
 When the corn tassels turn brown, the corn is ready for harvest.
curly hair n (frizzy or wavy hair)cabelo cacheado loc sm
 Does she have a perm or naturally curly hair?
dark hair n (brunette or brown hair)cabelo escuro loc sm
 She has naturally dark hair but she dyes it blond.
dark haired,
(brunette)de cabelo escuro loc adj
  moreno sm
Nota: hyphen used when term is an adj before a noun
 Is Jane the dark-haired girl or the blonde?
dirty blond n UK (man with dark-blond hair)homem de cabelo loiro escuro expres
Nota: In the US, this could equally refer to a woman or girl
do my hair vi informal (cut and style my hair) (cortar e dar estilo)cortar o cabelo expres v
 I need the hair dresser to do my hair.
do my hair vi informal (arrange, tidy, my hair) (arranjar)pentear o cabelo expres v
 Just give me three minutes to do my hair.
fair hair n (blond or light-coloured hair)cabelo claro loc sm
 People with fair hair are most susceptible to sunburn. Louise has fair hair and a pale complexion.
frizz n (tightly-curled hair)cabelo crespo loc sm
  cabelo ondulado loc sm
 A cloud of red frizz sat on top of the man's head.
frizzy hair n (wildly-curled hair)cabelo frisado loc sm
 My frizzy hair is completely out of control in this humidity.
get a haircut v expr informal (have hair trimmed)cortar o cabelo loc vt
 It was his brother's wedding, so he decided to get a haircut for the occasion.
 Foi o casamento do irmão dele, então ele decidiu cortar o cabelo para a ocasião.
ginger hair n informal (bright auburn hair)cabelo ruivo loc sm
  (informal)cabelo de cenoura loc sm
gray (US),
grey (UK)
(person: have grey hair)ter cabelo grisalho expres v
 Steve looks much older since he started graying.
hair bow n (decorative hair tie) (laço decorativo para cabelo)laço de cabelo loc sm
hair clip n (clasp for securing hairstyle) (presilha para segurar o cabelo)presilha de cabelo loc sf
hair color (US),
hair colour (UK)
(product: dye)tinta de cabelo loc sf
hair colour,
US: hair color
(colour of one's hair)cor do cabelo loc sf
 Teenage girls often change their hair color experimentally.
hair extension n (attached length of hair) (tamanho adicionado ao cabelo)aplique de cabelo sm
  extensão de cabelo sf
  aplique sm
hair net n (mesh worn over the hair)rede de cabelo loc sf
 It is required for cafeteria staff to wear hair nets.
hair tips npl (ends of the hair)pontas do cabelo loc sf
  pontas sf
hair band
(elastic band for hair)fita para cabelo loc sf
  tiara sf
 Her long tresses were held back by a simple black hairband.
hair band
(rigid band going over the hair)arco de cabelo loc sm
 The little girls all wore colorful hairbands to keep their hair out of their faces.
hairbrush n (brush for styling hair)escova de cabelo loc sf
 My hair is a mess today because I couldn't find my hairbrush.
hairdryer n (device for drying hair)secador de cabelo loc sm
 The noise from hairdryers can be too loud for some people.
hairline n (forehead: line where hair begins)linha limite do cabelo loc sf
 Reggie's hairline came to a point in the middle.
hairpiece n (hair extension)aplique de cabelo loc sm
  peruca sf
 Pop stars usually wear hairpieces to make their hair appear longer and thicker.
hairpin n (accessory: hair clip)grampo de cabelo loc sm
 Cathy often wears sparkly hairpins instead of jewelry.
hairpin n (device for securing hairstyle)grampo de cabelo loc sm
 The woman pulled her hair into a bun and secured it with two hairpins.
hair-replacement surgery n (hair transplant procedure) (procedimento de transplante capilar)transplante capilar loc sm
  cirurgia de transplante de cabelo loc sf
hairstyle n (haircut) (corte de cabelo)estilo de cabelo loc sm
 She's got a new, much shorter hairstyle.
hat hair n informal (hairstyle flattened by wearing a hat) (cabelo amassado pelo chapéu)cabelo amassado loc sm
 I get really bad hat hair when I take off my helmet.
matted hair n (hair that is massed or tangled)cabelo emaranhado, cabelo embaraçado loc sm
 I have to brush my cat every day to get rid of the matted hair.
mess up [sb]'s hair v expr informal (make [sb]'s hair untidy) (emaranhar os cabelos de)atrapalhar o cabelo de loc vt
 Don't mess up my hair - I've only just come from the hairdressers!
part your hair v expr (hair: comb into parting)repartir o cabelo expres
 Charles parts his hair in the middle.
red hair n (auburn or ginger hair) (cabelo ruivo ou avermelhado)cabelo ruivo loc sm
  ruivo sm
(elasticized fabric hairband)elástico de cabelo loc sm
  presilha de cabelo loc sf
 Scrunchies were fashionable in the 1990s, but these days they aren't considered cool.
a shade adv figurative (somewhat, a little) (informal)um pouquinho, um tiquinho loc adv
  (figurado, informal)um fio de cabelo sm
 My brother's a shade taller than me. Julia moved her wheelchair a shade closer to the table.
shampoo [sb] vtr (wash [sb]'s hair)lavar o cabelo loc vt
 The salon assistant shampooed the woman and gave her a scalp treatment.
short hair n (hair: close-cropped)cabelo curto sm
snood n (clothing: type of hood)rede de cabelo loc sf
straight hair n (hair which has no curl) (cabelo que não tem cachos)cabelo liso sm
 Most Amerindians have dark straight hair.
thatch n informal, figurative (thick hair on head)cabelo duro sm
  cabelo espesso sm
  cabeleira sf
  cabeleira farta sf
 Ned had a thatch of light blonde hair and a thick beard.
whisker n informal, figurative (very close margin) (figurado)fio de cabelo sm
 The bullet missed Roger by a whisker, so he is very lucky to still be alive.
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