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cair v intfall, drop viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
  decline, decay viintransitive verb: Verb not taking a direct object--for example, "She jokes." "He has arrived."
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set vi (clothes: fit, hang)  (roupa)cair v int
  ajustar-se vp
 That dress sets very nicely on you.
break vi (become disconnected)  (conexão)cair v int
 The long-distance connection broke.
fall vi (come down)  (vir abaixo)cair v int
 I fell off the ladder yesterday.
 Eu caí da escada ontem.
fall vi figurative (abate)  (figurativo: em baixa)cair v int
 Demand for this product has fallen recently.
 A demanda para esse produto caiu recentemente.
fall vi (come to rest)cair v int
 Her gaze fell upon the letter I was writing.
fall vi (collapse)  (ruir)cair v int
 The roof fell under the weight of the snow.
fall vi (die)  (morrer)cair v int
 He fell in battle, dying like a hero.
fall vi (drop wounded)  (ferido)cair v int
 The soldier fell, and was treated by the medics.
fall vi (temperature: decline)  (temperatura)cair v int
 Temperatures will fall below freezing tomorrow.
fall vi (government: lose ability)  (governo)cair v int
 The government fell, following a scandal.
fall vi (occur)  (acontecer)cair v int
 My birthday falls on a Saturday this year.
fall vi (be included)  (estar incluído)cair v int
 Their request falls within the scope of our project.
land vi (drop: onto [sth])  (cair por terra)cair v int
 He jumped from the bus and landed on the sidewalk.
 Ele saltou do ônibus e caiu na calçada.
drop vi (fall)cair v int
 The stock dropped today.
 As ações caíram hoje.
drop vi (stop working)  (deixar de funcionar)cair v int
 The telephone call was dropped and he had to call again.
sink vi (fall: sun)  (sol)pôr-se vp
  cair v int
 It was beautiful to watch the sun sink over the horizon.
strike [sth] or [sb]
(lightning: hit)  (raio)cair vt
 Lightning never strikes twice in the same place.
strike [sth]
(fall upon)cair vt
 The egg broke when it struck the floor.
collapse vi (to fall: [sb])cair v int
 She collapsed onto the floor.
slide vi figurative (go downward)  (fig, mercado financeiro)cair v int
 The bad news will make the financial markets slide.
slip vi informal, figurative (decline)  (declinar)cair v int
 Prices may slip a little after the tourist season.
dip vi (stocks)  (ações)cair v int
tumble vi (finance: stocks, values)  (finanças)cair v int
fall down cair
fall over cair
drop vtr (let fall accidentally)  (acidentalmente)deixar cair loc vt
  derrubar vt
 He dropped his keys on the pavement.
 Ele deixou cair as chaves na calçada.
 Ele derrubou as chaves na calçada.
drop vtr (let fall intentionally)  (de propósito)deixar cair loc vt
  jogar vt
 The table tennis player dropped the ball on the table to serve.
 O jogador de tênis de mesa deixou cair a bolinha na mesa para sacar.
sink vi (fall: prices, etc.)  (cair: preços, etc.)cair, baixar v int
 The price of gas sank to a new low.
 O preço do gás caiu (or: baixou) muito no mês passado.
plummet vi figurative (drop, decline rapidly)cair, declinar, decair v int
swag vi (droop)cair, pender v int
at dusk adv (when night falls, at twilight)ao crepúsculo, ao cair da noite loc adv
bail out vi informal (abandon or give up on [sth])  (inf., abandonar, desistir)cair fora loc v int
 We were planning a party, but most everybody bailed out.
 Joey bailed out on his family when he learned his wife was pregnant again.
bear upon vtr UK (come towards rapidly)cair sobre, abater vt
bring home vtr (make [sth] understood more deeply)  (fazer com que entendam algo)fazer cair a ficha loc vt
bugger off vi UK, slang, vulgar (go away)cair fora, dar no pé loc v int
 My little brother was being such a pest I told him to bugger off.
bugger off vi UK, slang, vulgar (run away, flee responsibility)  (fugir da responsabilidade)cair fora
burst into laughter v (start laughing suddenly)cair na gargalhada loc vt
 They burst into laughter at the sight of his clown costume.
burst into tears v (start crying suddenly)  (começar a chorar repentinamente)abrir a boca, cair no choro loc vt
  romper em lágrimas
 She burst into tears at the news of her friend's death.
come down on vtr figurative, informal (reprimand or punish severely)  (informal - repreender)cair em cima
come down on vtr literal (fall on, collapse on top of)  (literal)descer sobre, cair sobre loc vt
 When I lost the job I felt like the roof had come down on me.
come down with vtr figurative, informal (fall ill with, get sick with)  (informal - passar mal)cair de cama vt
 I've just come down with a cold.
come to blows v literal (have a fight, violent dispute)  (literal - brigar, lutar)cair em socos
 Before the evening was over her fiancé and her ex-lover had come to blows.
come to blows v figurative (have an argument, dispute)  (discutir, disputar)cair no soco
 We've got to stop this bickering before we come to blows.
conk out vi slang (person: fall asleep)  (pessoa)dormir, cair no sono v int
 The little boy conked out after playing all day.
drive down vtr (force to decrease)fazer cair, fazer baixar
 The current economic crisis will drive down house prices.
drop off vi (decrease)diminuir, cair v int
 There has been a sharp drop-off in sales as the economic crisis bites.
drop off vi informal (fall asleep)  (adormecer)cair no sono
 I dropped off at the wheel and crashed the car.
duck out vi informal (leave secretly)escapar, fugir v int
   (coloquial)cair fora, dar no pé
fall into disfavour with [sb] v (earn [sb]'s disapproval)cair em desgraça, cair no desfavor de loc vt
 The duke fell into disfavor with the queen and was promptly beheaded.
fall into disuse vi (be neglected, fall into disrepair)  (ser abandonado)cair em desuso loc v int
 The house had fallen into disuse before they fixed it up.
flop down vi slang (sleep)  (dormir)cair no sono loc v int
flop down vi informal (lie or sit down carelessly)  (inf., deitar ou sentar pesadamente)deixar cair loc v int
 He flopped down on the couch to watch the television.
go down vi (prices: decrease, be lowered)  (preço, valor)cair, abaixar, diminuir v int
 The prices have gone down at this store.
go overboard vi literal (fall off boat)cair no mar loc v int
 I fell overboard and had to be rescued from the waves.
hit the deck vi figurative, informal (drop to the ground to protect oneself)  (para proteger-se)cair no chão loc v int
 At the first sound of a gunshot, everybody in the room hit the deck.
hop off vi informal (get out of a vehicle)  (informal: sair de um veículo)cair fora
 Bus driver to young boy - " here we are, this is your stop, hop off now".
keel over vi (fall or swoon)cair, desmaiar, desfalecer v int
 I almost keeled over several times in the last few miles of the marathon.
bail vi slang (leave)  (gíria: sair dum lugar)vazar v int
   (gíria)cair fora loc v int
binge vi (food)cair na comilança loc vt
   (gíria)encher a pança loc vt
click vi (understand)  (gíria)cair a ficha loc v int
lapse vi (moral, drop of level)cair, decair v int
slump vi (body posture)desmoronar, cair v int
slump vi figurative (values: lowered)  (figurado)desmoronar, cair v int
burst out laughing desatar a rir
  cair na gargalhada
buy into acreditar completamente em algo
   (informal)cair em algo
dawn on começar a entender
   (gíria)cair a ficha
disagree with [sth]   (comida)não cair bem
disappearing act ir embora
   (gíria)cair fora
disgrace yourself cair em desgraça
drop dead cair morto
fall apart cair aos pedaços
fall off cair de
lash out at cair em cima de
ready to drop a ponto de cair
  pronto para cair
work oneself into the ground trabalhar até cair (morto de cansaço)
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