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cama sfbed nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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bed n (furniture)cama sf
 I will put clean sheets on your bed.
 Vou pôr lençóis limpos na sua cama.
bed n (place of sleep)cama sf
 I am going to bed now.
 Vou para a cama agora.
bed n figurative (lodging)pousada sf
  (pousada)cama sf
 He was looking for a bed for the night.
bed n (layer) (camada)cama sf
 The salad was served on a bed of lettuce.
bed n (bed frame)cama sf
 His was a four-poster bed.
bed n figurative (marital relationship) (fig, relação marital)cama sf
 They no longer shared a bed.
bed vtr (put to bed)pôr na cama loc vt
 The nurse had to bath and bed the children by seven o'clock.
bed vtr informal (have sex with) (ter relações sexuais com)ir para a cama loc vt
 He had bedded countless women.
bed vi (go to bed)ir para a cama loc v int
  deitar-se vp
 I usually bed down at about eleven o'clock.
down adv (ill) (na expressão ''cair de cama'', ficar doente)de cama loc adv
 She's come down with the flu.
fall vi (become) (adoecer)cair de cama loc v int
 She fell ill.
bedside n (area beside a bed)beira da cama loc sf
sunbed n (bed in tanning salon)cama de bronzeamento loc sf
daybed n (furniture: sofa bed) (móvel:)sofá-cama sm
sofabed n (settee that extends for use as bed)sofá-cama sm
waterbed n (bed filled with liquid)cama d'água loc sf
bed linen n (sheets and covers for a bed)roupa de cama loc sf
 Part of her job was to put dirty bed linens in the washing machine.
bunk bed n (single bed: on top of or below another)cama-beliche sf
 I sleep on a bunk bed with my sister below me.
come down with vtr figurative, informal (fall ill with, get sick with) (informal - passar mal)cair de cama vt
 I've just come down with a cold.
double bed n (bed large enough for two people)cama de casal
 Do you have a room with a double bed and en-suite bathroom?
folding bed n (bed that folds away, camp bed)cama dobrável loc sf
 She took the folding bed out of the closet for her guest to sleep on.
four-poster bed n (bed with post at each corner) (cama com 4 colunas)cama com dossel loc sf
 My grandparents have a four-poster bed.
get out of bed vi (rise from one's bed) (levantar-se)sair da cama loc vt
 I was sick today and did not want to get out of bed.
go back to bed vi (return to one's bed)voltar para a cama loc v int
 When I saw it was raining outside I decided to go back to bed.
lay up vtr informal (cause [sb] to be ill in bed) (adoecer)deixar de cama loc vt
 A bad dose of flu can lay you up for several days.
double room n (room with two-person bed)quarto com cama de casal loc sm
 I'd like to book a double room for three nights.
dog bed n (basket for a domestic canine)cama para cachorro loc sf
dust ruffle n (valence)saia para cama loc sf
bedding n (sheets)roupa de cama loc sf
coating n (covering)cama, cobertura sf
cot n (bed)cama dobrável sf
linen n (bed and bath)roupa branca, roupa de cama loc sf
bed down ir para a cama
go to bed ir para a cama
king-size bed cama king-size
make a bed fazer a cama
make your bed fazer a cama
queen-size bed cama de casal
sofa bed sofá-cama
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