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Traduções principais
cama sfbed nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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Traduções principais
bed n (furniture for sleeping)cama sf
 I will put clean sheets on your bed.
 Vou pôr lençóis limpos na sua cama.
bed n (patient's cot)cama sf
  leito sf
 The ward has six beds and a view over the hospital grounds.
bed n (lodging)pousada sf
  cama sf
 He was looking for a bed for the night.
Traduções complementares
bed n (food: layer)cama, camada sf
 The salad was served on a bed of lettuce.
bed n figurative (marital relationship) (fig, relação marital)cama sf
 They no longer shared a bed.
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Formas compostas:
bed [sb] vtr (put to bed)pôr na cama expres v
 The nurse had to bath and bed the children by seven o'clock.
bed [sb] vtr informal (have sex with) (ter relações sexuais)ir para a cama expres v
 He had bedded countless women.
bed and breakfast n (small guesthouse) (estrangeirismo)bed and breakfast loc sm
  cama e café loc sm
  pousada sf
 I like to stay in a bed and breakfast instead of in a big hotel.
bed bug,
(wingless parasite)percevejo de cama sm
 Steam cleaners can be used to eradicate bed bugs from mattresses.
bed down vi phrasal (go to bed)ir para a cama, ir dormir loc verb
 I usually bed down at about eleven o'clock.
bed [sb] down vtr phrasal sep (provide bed for)pôr na cama, pôr para dormir loc verb
 Emily fed, bathed, and bedded down the children.
bed linen n (sheets, covers for a bed)roupa de cama loc sf
 Part of her job was to put dirty bed linens in the washing machine.
bedding n (sheets, bed linen)roupa de cama sf
 Rooms are equipped with a soft mattress and fresh bedding.
bedside n (area beside a bed)beira da cama loc sf
 My husband stayed at my bedside all through my illness.
bundle vi (sleep in bed of betrothed) (namorados)dormir na mesma cama expres v
bunk n (camp bed)cama de campanha sf
 There were four bunks in the campers' cabin.
bunk bed n (single bed: on top of or below another)cama-beliche sf
 I sleep on a bunk bed with my sister below me.
come down with [sth] vtr phrasal insep figurative, informal (fall ill) (informal - passar mal)cair de cama expres
 I've just come down with a cold.
cot (US),
camp bed (UK)
US (portable bed)cama dobrável sf
 The visitor slept on a cot in the back porch.
cot (US),
cot bed (UK)
(camp or military bed) (militar)cama de campanha sf
daybed n (furniture: sofa bed) (móvel)sofá-cama sm
dog bed n (basket for canine)cama para cachorro loc sf
domestics npl US (household fabrics)roupas de cama, meso e banho expres
 Harriet went to the store to buy some new domestics.
double bed n (bed for two)cama de casal loc sf
 Do you have a room with a double bed and en-suite bathroom?
double room n (hotel room: bed for two)quarto com cama de casal loc sm
 I'd like to book a double room for three nights.
dust ruffle n (valence)saia para cama loc sf
fall vi figurative (become)cair de cama loc v int
 She fell ill.
folding bed n (bed that folds away, camp bed)cama dobrável loc sf
 She took the folding bed out of the closet for her guest to sleep on.
four-poster bed n (bed with post at each corner) (cama com 4 colunas)cama com dossel loc sf
 My grandparents have a four-poster bed.
get out of bed v expr (rise in morning)sair da cama expres
 I was sick today and did not want to get out of bed.
go back to bed v expr (return to bed)voltar para a cama expres
 When I saw it was raining outside I decided to go back to bed.
go to bed v expr (at night)ir para cama expres v
 It's past midnight and time for me to go to bed.
in bed adv informal (sexually) (informal, figurado, sexualmente)na cama loc adv
 Rumor has it he's pretty good in bed.
in bed adv (lying in one's bed)na cama loc adv
in the sack expr slang, figurative (having sex) (figurado, gíria, vulgar)bom de cama expres
  boa de cama expres
 Dan is great in the sack, but he has a bad personality.
king-size bed,
king-sized bed
(extra-large bed)cama de tamanho grande sf
 Every room in the hotel has a king-size bed.
lay up vtr informal (cause [sb] to be ill in bed) (adoecer)deixar de cama loc vt
 A bad dose of flu can lay you up for several days.
linen n (bed and bath)roupa de cama sf
 Tom changed the linens on his bed.
linen closet n US (cupboard for sheets and towels)armário de roupa de cama e banho sm
 You'll find clean bedding and fresh towels in the linen closet.
make a bed v expr (arrange bed linen)fazer a cama expres
  forrar a cama expres
 Every morning, my mom insists that I make my bed before I leave for school.
make the bed v expr (rearrange the bedsheets)forrar a cama expres v
  fazer a cama expres v
 Now that we use duvets instead of sheets and blankets, making the bed is much easier. Mrs. Nelson makes sure that her kids make their beds every morning.
make your bed v expr (arrange bedclothes)arrumar a cama loc vt
  fazer a cama loc vt
 I make the bed before I leave the house each day.
make your bed v expr figurative (create circumstances) (figurado)fazer a cama expres
 You made your bed so you will have to sleep in it.
pullout bed,
pull-out bed
(folding furniture for sleeping on) (cama embutida)sofá-cama sm
 When we have guests at our house they usually sleep on the pull-out bed.
put out vi phrasal US, vulgar (woman: have sex) (mulher: fazer sexo)ir pra cama loc vt
  (vulgar: fazer sexo com)dar para loc vt
  (formal)ter relações sexuais loc vt
 He was a cad who expected a woman to put out for him if he had paid for her dinner.
queen bed n (extra-wide double bed) (cama de casal extra larga)cama box queen loc sf
  cama de casal queen loc sf
 Every double room in this hotel has a queen bed.
roll out of bed v expr US, Informal (get up from bed)levantar da cama expres
 The professor's hair was always a mess, as if he'd just rolled out of bed. The children normally roll out of bed late on Saturdays.
single bed n (bed for one person)cama de solteiro sf
  cama para uma pessoa sf
sofa bed n (settee that converts into a bed)sofá-cama sm
 It's handy to have a sofa bed for guests to sleep on.
sofabed n (settee that extends for use as bed)sofá-cama sm
struck down adj (afflicted by an illness) (aflito: devido à doença)prostrado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  de cama loc adj
  (informal)derrubado adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
 I couldn't come to work because I was struck down with a cold.
sunbed n (bed in tanning salon)cama de bronzeamento loc sf
 The students made posters that warned of the dangers of sunbeds.
waterbed n (bed filled with liquid)cama d'água loc sf
wet the bed v expr (urinate in one's sleep) (informal, urinar durante o sono)fazer xixi na cama expres v
  molhar a cama expres v
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