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caminho smway, road, drive nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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way n (highway)caminho sm
 We went by the old Roman way.
way n (passage)trilha, passagem sf
  caminho sm
 Follow the way through the woods.
way n (valid route)  (rota válida)caminho sm
 There is a way through the mountains ten kilometres south of here.
 Há um caminho pelas montanhas a 10 km ao sul daqui.
way n (direction)  (direção)caminho sm
 Which way did you go to get here?
 Que caminho tomaste para chegar aqui?
way n (course)caminho sm
  rumo sm
 The way to Boston is a major highway.
way n (distance)  (distância)caminho sm
 Chicago is a long way from here.
 Daqui a Chicago é um longo caminho.
way n (defined path)caminho sm
 Stay out of the machine's way.
path n figurative (way)  (figurado)trilha, trajetória sf
  caminho sm
 The path to success has many potholes.
 A trilha para o sucesso tem muitos buracos.
road n (way)  (caminho)estrada sf
  caminho sm
 Which road should I take to get to Athens?
walkway n (public: path, passage)  (caminho de pedestre)caminho sm
  passagem sf
garden path n (paved walkway in a lawn)  (pavimentado em gramado)caminho sm
 He failed to notice the bright flowers as he walked down the cool garden path.
avenue n figurative (way, manner)  (figurado: modo)caminho sm
highway n figurative (route to sthg)  (via de comunicação)caminho sm
trail n (path, hiking)caminho sm
  trilha sf
walkway n (private: garden path)  (lugar privado)caminho, passadiço sm
  passagem sf
underway adj (happening, in progress)  (em progresso)a caminho loc adj
underway adj (already started)  (já começou)a caminho loc adj
halfway adv (half the distance)metade do caminho loc adv
halfway adj (at the midpoint)intermédio adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
  meio caminho loc adj
navigate vtr figurative (find one's way through)  (figurado: abrir caminho por)navegar vt
  abrir caminho loc vt
midway adj (halfway)meio do caminho loc adj
midway adv (half the distance)metade do caminho loc adv
towpath n (walkway alongside a canal)  (caminho que margeia um canal )caminho de sirga loc sm
all the way adv literal (the full distance)  (a distância toda)o caminho todo loc adv
all the way to adv (during the entire journey to)  (durante toda a jornada)o caminho todo para loc adv
 We had to listen to him snore all the way from New York to Rome.
all the way to adv (the full distance to)  (a distância toda)o caminho todo para loc adv
 He sang and danced all the way to school.
all the way to adv (emphatic: a long way)  (enfático)o caminho todo para, o tempo todo loc adv
 You want me to carry this all the way back to the house?
along the way adv literal (over the course of a route)pelo caminho loc adv
along the way adv figurative (in the course of events)ao longo do caminho loc adv
 We're driving to the mountains, but will stop for coffee along the way.
clear the way v literal (remove [sth] cluttering a path)  (literal)abrir o caminho loc vt
 They took out the old walnut grove to clear the way for the bypass.
clear the way v figurative (remove obstacles to [sth])  (figurativo - remover obstáculos)abrir o caminho loc vt
 City council approval cleared the way for the new mall.
cut across vtr (cross by way of a short cut)tomar um atalho, encurtar o caminho
en route adv (on the way)  (viajando, indo)na rota, a caminho loc adv
 I'll deliver those for you en route, shall I?
force your way in vi (enter by physical force)  (entrar à força)arrombar vt
  abrir caminho loc v int
 She attempted to keep him outside of the house, but he forced his way in.
give directions vi (describe a route)  (indicar a direção, rumo)dar instruções, ensinar o caminho loc v int
 They give directions to tourists looking for the mausoleum.
give way to vtr (driving: yield to, give priority to)  (direção: dar prioridade)ceder a, dar caminho a loc vt
give way to vtr (give in to: [sb], [sth])  (algo ou alguém)ceder a, dar caminho a loc vt
go around vtr (change path to avoid hitting [sth])  (evitar)mudar de caminho loc vt
 The radio advised of heavy traffic downtown, so we went around the city instead.
go bad vi slang (person: start behaving immorally)  (gíria: começar a se comportar imoralmente)ir no mau caminho loc v int
 She used to be a good girl but she went bad when she met that awful boy.
go the other way vi (take a different direction)  (tomar rumo diferente)ir para outro lado loc v int
  sair do caminho loc v int
lead back vtr (show way to original location)mostrar o caminho de volta loc vt
 I've forgotten the way to the hotel: could someone lead me back, please?
nature trail n (walk in the countryside)  (trilha campestre)trilha, vereda sf
  trilho, caminho sm
no bed of roses n (a harsh experience, ordeal)  (experiência difícil)nenhum caminho de rosas
 My job is no bed of roses - I'm on my feet all day and the hours are long.
on the right track adv literal (following the correct path)  (literal)no caminho certo loc adv
on the right track adv figurative (not mistaken or misled)no caminho certo loc adv
 After failing her class last semester, she got back on the right track and passed this semester.
on the road adv (travelling)  (viajando)a caminho loc adv
 We will be on the road for days when we drive from New York to Los Angeles.
on the road adv (on tour)  (de passagem)a caminho loc adv
 She spends several months of the year on the road, touring with her band.
bypass n (road around)atalho sm
  caminho secundário loc sm
route vtr (send via certain direction)  (direção)mandar por caminho determinado loc vt
break through forçar a passagem
  abrir caminho
edge your way abrir o caminho passo a passo
get lost perder-se
  errar o caminho
get out of the way sair do caminho
go out of your way sair do seu caminho
  dar-se o trabalho de fazer algo
lead the way mostrar o caminho
make way abrir caminho
on the way to a caminho de
open the way for abrir caminho para
out of the way fora do caminho
point the way apontar o caminho
show the way mostrar o caminho
  mostrar a maneira
stay out of the way of ficar fora do caminho de
stumbling block obstáculo
  pedra no caminho
under way em andamento, a caminho
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