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campo smfield, area nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
  countryside, interior nnoun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc.
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field n (area) (área)campo sm
 You can divide the area into several smaller fields.
field n (grassy area) (área gramada)campo sm
 The dogs played in the field beside the house.
 Os cachorros brincaram no campo ao lado da casa.
field n (agriculture) (agricultura)campo sm
 She saw a field full of corn.
 Ela viu um campo cheio de milho.
field n (sports: ground) (esporte: terreno)campo sm
 They ran out onto the football field.
 Eles saíram correndo para o campo de futebol.
field n (area of specialty) (área de especialidade)campo sm
 She's an expert in her field.
 Ela é uma especialista em seu campo.
field n (profession) (profissão)campo sm
 He works in the field of accounting.
field n (business: branch) (negócios)campo sm
 His field is mergers and acquisitions.
field n (military) (militar)campo sm
 He was always with his troops in the field.
field n (baseball: team not at bat) (beisebol: não com vez ao bastão)campo sm
 The Red Sox bat while the Yankees play the field.
field n (baseball: outfield) (beisebol: campo externo)campo sm
 Bernie Williams plays center field for the champions.
field n figurative (expanse of sthg)campo sm
 A field of snow lay round about.
field n (away from an office) (fora do escritório)campo sm
 He likes to work in the field, rather than behind a desk.
field n (magnetism) (magnetismo)campo sm
 It produces a strong magnetic field.
field n (visible area) (de visão)campo sm
 The other car was outside his field of vision.
range n (capability, scope) (escopo)campo sm
 Inside the hiding place, he had a limited range of vision.
range n (shooting) (de tiro)campo sm
 We went to the range to practise shooting our guns.
ground n usually plural (area used for sports) (usado para esportes)campo sm
 We used to play football on the old school sports ground.
camp n (refugee lodging) (de refugiados)campo sm
 People went to the refugee camp to escape the war.
camp n (prison) (prisão)campo sm
 Political prisoners were sent to camps.
camp n (concentration) (de concentração)campo sm
 Many people died in the concentration camp.
pitch n (sports field) (esportes)campo sm
 Soccer is played on a grass pitch.
ballpark n US (baseball ground) (EUA)estádio de beisebol loc sm
  campo sm
field n (computing: slot for data) (inform.,)campo sm
 Required fields are marked with an asterisk.
gallery n (golf, tennis) (tênis)quadra sf
  (golfe)campo sm
outdoors npl (wilderness)campo sm
country n (rural area) (área rural)interior, campo sm
  roça sf
 Our family moved from the country to the city.
 Nossa família se mudou do interior para a cidade.
 Nossa família se mudou da roça para a cidade.
field adj (working outside an office) (externo)de campo loc adj
 She's one of our field agents.
 Ela é uma de nossos agentes de campo (or:externos).
fieldwork n (research outside laboratory) (pesquisa fora do laboratório)trabalho de campo loc sm
afield adv (away)fora advadverb: Describes a verb, adjective, adverb, or clause--for example, "come quickly," "very rare," "happening now," "fall down."
  no campo loc adv
midfielder n (sport: player in midfield) (esporte)meio-campo, centromédio sm
minefield n (area full of explosives)campo minado loc sm
minefield n figurative (situation full of pitfalls) (situação perigosa, delicada)campo minado loc sm
airfield n (aircraft runway area)aeródromo sm
  campo de aviação loc sm
battlefield n literal (scene of military combat) (literal)campo de batalha loc sm
battlefield n figurative (scene of great conflict) (figurado)campo de batalha loc sm
halfback n (American football position) (futebol americano)meio-de-campo, médio sm
  centromédio sm
midfield n (sport: centre of field) (esporte)meio-campo sm
  centromédio sm
midfield adj (sport: in centre-field) (esporte)meio-campo adjadjective: Describes a noun or pronoun--for example, "a tall girl," "an interesting book," "a big house."
outback n (rural inland area) (zona rural)interior, campo sm
  roça sf
  sertão sm
oilfield n (land where oil is mined)campo petrolífero loc sm
battleground n literal (terrain where armed conflict takes place)campo de batalha loc sm
baseball field n (pitch, ground where baseball is played)campo de beisebol loc sm
centre half,
US: center half
UK (football: player position)meio-campo, meio-de-campo
centre half,
US: center half
US (soccer: player position)meio-campo, meio-de-campo
clay court n (tennis court with a red-clay surface) (jogo de tênis - campo de argila vermelha)campo de argila loc sm
 He never plays as well on a clay court as on grass.
clay court n US (tennis court with a green-clay surface) (campo de argila verde)campo de argila loc sm
concentration camp n (prison camp)campo de concentração loc sm
 She still had the concentration camp tattoo on her wrist.
cricket ground n (field, pitch for cricket games)campo de críquete loc sm
depth of field n (part of an image in sharp focus)profundidade de campo
 I set the camera aperture to obtain maximum depth of field.
field hockey,
UK: hockey
US (sport: hockey played on a field)hóquei em campo loc sm
  hóquei sobre a grama loc sm
field mouse n (small rodent that lives in fields)rato-do-campo sm
 Cinderella's fairy godmother turned four field mice into white horses to pull the coach.
field of vision n (everything visible to the eye)campo de visão loc sm
  campo de vista loc sm
firing range n (venue for shooting practice)campo de tiro loc sm
 You can practice shooting at the firing range.
forced-labour camp n (concentration camp, work camp)campo de concentração loc sm
 The Siberian gulags were forced-labor camps for political dissidents.
foul ball n (baseball: ball hit lines designating width of field) (beisebol)bola fora de campo loc sf
 It appeared to be a home run, but the umpire ruled that it was a foul ball.
gain ground vi (advance, make progress) (avançar, progredir)ganhar campo loc v int
 Though it's slow going we're definitely gaining ground.
golf club n (golfing organization)clube de campo loc sm
 They joined the golf club in order to make new friends.
golf course n (terrain on which golf is played) (terreno onde se joga golfe)campo de golfe loc sm
golf links n (terrain on which golf is played)campo de golfe loc sm
grass court n (tennis: grass-covered court) (tênis )campo gramado loc sm
 In contrast to the other Grand Slam tournaments, Wimbledon is played on grass courts.
internment camp n (prison facility, detention centre)confinamento, campo de concentração
  campo de internamento
 The internment camp at Guantanamo Bay was used to detain terrorist suspects.
landing field n (airfield: where planes take off and land) (aeroporto)campo de aviação loc sm
 The locals called it "The Airport" but it was really nothing more than a grass landing field.
line of sight n (straight line of view)campo visual loc sm
  linha de visão loc sf
 He bent over to stay out of his pursuer's line of sight.
military camp n (army encampment)campo militar loc sm
  base militar loc sf
 The refugees were never so happy as when they first saw the military camp for the liberation forces.
oil field n (area where oil wells are drilled)campo petrolífero loc sm
 We plan to drill five exploration wells in this oil field.
cottage n (house)casa de campo loc sf
countryside n (rural)campo, interior sm
links n (golf course)campo de golfe loc sm
realm n (area of effect)domínio, campo, reino sm
realm n figurative (area of expertise)domínio, campo sm
ball club campo de baseball
boot camp campo de treinamento de recrutas
country club clube de campo
detention camp campo de detenção
magnetic field campo magnético
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