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cancelar cancel
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call vtr (sports: end due to conditions)  (esporte)cancelar vt
 The game was called due to the rain.
cancel vtr (mark used or void)cancelar vt
 The post office cancelled the stamp and delivered the letter.
cancel vtr (call off an event)  (cancelar um evento)cancelar vt
 Officials cancelled the game because of rain.
 Os oficiais cancelaram o jogo por causa da chuva.
cancel vtr (end or finish)  (terminar ou finalizar)cancelar vt
 He cancelled his subscription.
 Ele cancelou sua assinatura.
cancel n (computing)cancelar vt
 Click OK to proceed, or cancel if you've changed your mind.
unsubscribe vi (remove oneself from a list, etc.)  (remover nome de lista, etc)cancelar vt
call off vtr (cancel)cancelar vt
 The town's annual picnic was called off due to rain.
cancel out vtr (counteract, make ineffective with opposed action)cancelar vt
  agir contra
scratch out riscar, apagar
  tirar de uma lista
kill vtr (put an end to)  (colocar um final)cancelar, parar vt
 They killed the project after the customer stopped paying.
 Eles cancelaram (or: pararam) o projeto depois que o cliente deixou de pagar.
cancel vtr (mathematics)  (matemática)cancelar, eliminar vt
 Solve the equation by cancelling equal terms.
deselect vtr (reject: candidate, etc.)  (candidatura)cancelar, anular vt
undo vtr (lead to downfall)cancelar, desfazer vt
cross off riscar,tirar,cancelar algo
   (de uma lista)tirar alguém
cross out riscar,tirar,cancelar algo
write off   (finanças)baixar, amortizar, dar baixa nos livros
  cancelar dívida
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